Common Problems Faced By Event Organizers: What Is the Solution?

Written by Peter Tran

June 26, 2017

Event rs are facng a lot of problems these days. Before the emergence of the nternet, people had no concept of socal meda platfs or onlne promoton of events and actvtes. However, wth the nternet and the rapd popularty of socal meda tools, enterprses are now facng a tough challenge mergng tradtonal marketng strateges wth the more advanced onlne promotonal tactcs. Moreover, the present wde recesson has led many organzatons to serously thnk of varous cost cuttng measures to manage admnstraton wthn a lmted budget.

Let’s now dscuss the most common problems of creatng and managng events, rrespectve of ts sze and complextes.

Decreasng Budgets

The basc problem of arrangng an event s budget. Event planners must keep n mnd the amount of money requred to book and decorate the venue, prnt hard-copy nvtaton letters, send them to respectve guests, manage the menu for the show, to name a few. Moreover, there s a dre need to recrut addtonal staff to manage the overall admnstraton before, durng and even after the program ends.

Fallng Off Event Attendance

Wth the ongong wde economc crss, people are showng reluctance n attendng corporate meetngs and tradeshows. Hence, many rs are falng to sell ther entre nventory of event tckets or maxmze regstraton n spte of puttng n ther best efforts to make the event successful.

Marketng and Promoton Aspect

Organzng an event s as mportant as marketng t. rs have to gve ther 100% n promotng the meetngs, conferences, etc. to make prospectve attendees aware of such happenngs. Only then can one develop chances of a full event attendance and tckets sale.

Conference or Meetng Management Problems

t becomes almost mpossble for a sngle person to manage the logstcal aspects of a conference or a meetng for ther attendees and guests. Therefore, companes are seen hrng external temporary staff to take care of such processes. t takes a lot of tme n fndng sut staff for these temporary roles and makng them understand the work flow system wthn the admnstraton of the organzaton.

Socal Meda ntegraton

ndvduals are no longer usng socal meda webstes for merely personal reasons – they are utlzng Facebook Twtter, My, and so on to meet urgent busness needs and objectves. Meetng or semnar planners, therefore, need to focus on ths area to expand ther reach beyond geographcal boundares.

To address these growng ssues and effectvely manage events, rs are seen takng the help of varous types of onlne event management solutons. Such solutons come at a cost-effectve rate and s sad to be extremely easy to use and tme-savng. Onlne event management solutons/software’s come ntegrated wth a wde range of tools such as regstraton, payment management, , and marketng to help an organzaton host any type of event n a hassle-free manner.

Jonathan s a professonal event planner. Event professonals wde are ncreasngly relyng on automated software to streamlne the online event registration, payment management, and attendee relatonshp management. Acteva s the market leader n provdng event registration solutons at compettve prce.

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