Commission Junction Review – Pros and Cons

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Commission Junction, founded in 1998 nd cquired by VlueClick in 2003, is one of the lrgest ffilite mrketing chnnels on the Internet. Their dvertisers – the merchnts tht sell products or services online – re reltively bigger nd better-developed compnies. Generlly, this mens the products nd services tht the publishers – ffilites – promote hve better qulity.

This is very good dvntge for the ffilites becuse they cn promote products tht re relible nd keep their s trustworthy. (Red more bout ClickBank review and how challenging it is to find quality products to promote through ClickBank.) But generlly this mkes ffilite pyout smller s the profit mrgin is lredy smll for the merchnts.

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By Terri Ann, December 2, @ 11:28 pm

Hve you used CJ yourself? Do you think for smll publishers it’s worth giving them try or skip it till you get bigger? It doesn’t seem right they cn only hold pyouts under $0 for 6 months. I cn’t find tht on their .

By dmin, December , @ 3:45 pm

Thnks for visiting. I just checked their site nd couldn’t find the pyment informtion myself. They must hve chnged their FQ. s fr s the question regrding smll business trying it, you hve good point. Once they’ve estblished some trffic to their site, it would work better.

By Blythe, Februry 11, 2010 @ 1:57 pm

There is lot of fine print. I found it nnoying tht you hve to sign up before you cn see who the merchnts re to tell if they re ones you would wnt to promote. With niche sites, tht cn be bit of problem. I couldn’t find the $0 rule, but if you don’t hve ny sles for 6 months, they cn strt chrging you dormnt fee, which they don’t sy how much tht is. Plus they cn pply “chrge-bcks” to your ccount t ny time sy, if someone decides to return the merchndise or other resons. It ws little too intimidting to me. I gree it might be better to wit until I hve lrger site.