Colonoscopy this afternoon very worried

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25 posts since

13 May 2019

Having colonoscopy today 

and due to severe anxiety on every day matters that can be crippling I am Will be have without sedation 

as that would make me more anxious 

Will it be painful 

and what type of pain is it 

so very scared  

help and advice appreciated 

4728 posts since

11 May 2016

Hey Anxiousannie,

I just want to wish you good luck with your colonoscopy and share some information we have about this procedure.

I hope this helps to calm your nerves but if you’d like to have a quick chat with one of our nurses about this you can give them a call on 0808 800 4040.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

25 posts since

13 May 2019

Many thanks  

thank you x

50 posts since

9 Dec 2020


How did it go?

I’ve got mine on Friday, any tips, from taking he prep to the actual colonoscopy? I’m literally shaking with nerves, I’ve got a COVID test today too x

25 posts since

13 May 2019

Hi there. 

i had it and amazingly did it even like you was so nervous I didn’t have a sedative ans I would not again if I had to 

took a bit of has and air when they get near the end to go round the corner as won’t lie it does hurt a bit bit everyone’s bowel diff so yours might be diff .



The prep is not nice but to be fair thought going to taste worse 

I put a bit of orange squash in it and took the edge off 

don’t use red as not allowed that colour squash 


I divided it to three glasses and drank with a straw less stiff in mouth drank every time 15 a glass full 

thw hardesr part for me was the physical amount of liquid as I can’t drink a pint of water normally so I was very full up .

make sure you take it all as don’t want the procedure stopped as bowel not clear .

The covid test was not to bad as mine only up the nose not throat as well 

lt was ok over in 20 min even with a small biopsy 

sat on the bed for another 15 min for blood pressure as it was a little low 

tea and biscuit and home no waiting like if had sedation 


cramping a bit for a couple of days 

Ask me anything else ans good luck xx


25 posts since

13 May 2019

Hey how’s it all


50 posts since

9 Dec 2020


I’ve got my colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon, I’m not feeling great mentally at the moment I’m very anxious and fearing the worst. I’ve worn google out and every symptom points to sinister conclusions. I’m half not wanting to go thinking is ignorance best? But I know I have to for my children. I’m suffering really dark dreams when I can actually sleep. My prep diets a doddle because I can’t eat much anyway. I start with the drink at 7pm.

My COVID test ok, I had the throat and nose swabs. 

Sorry my reply isn’t positive, but thanks for asking. Hope you’re doing ok.



10 posts since

13 Jan 2021

Good Luck tomorrow , I’m sure it will all go well, I had a positive test and had a colonoscopy and endoscopy ( double procedure ) on Tuesday and nothing sinister found , they took 1 small polyp out and did some tissue biopsies which is normal procedure .

Good luck .

25 posts since

13 May 2019

I was a nervous wreck but I did it trust me I am

not good in many situations, you will do it and you have to to make sure all ok 

the prep isn’t as bad as I thought to be fair 

you will Surprise your self and you will be fine honestly 

it’s ok to be scared 


let me know how it goes 

use the gas and air of need to it takes your mind off it as concentrate on something else 

50 posts since

9 Dec 2020

Thanks to you both for your replies. 

I’ll let you both know x

25 posts since

13 May 2019

Good luck with the slop lol  

3 posts since

21 Jan 2021



my husband had colonoscopy one year ago. without sedation, was totally fine. discomfort, unpleasant but not painful. 


Good luck, I hope all goes well for you 

25 posts since

13 May 2019

Thank you  

It did I had to bite on the has and or when they turned a corner but other wise bearable 

thank you 

hope all is well x

25 posts since

13 May 2019

Hi how did it go

Colonoscopy this afternoon very worried

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