Click Below To See How To Build And Use A Stick And Shadow

Pretty much every one knows that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  But many people don’t know how you can use a stick and it’s shadow to help you determine general cardinal direction (North, South, East and West) if you were ever lost in the wilderness.  If you were stranded without a compass, you could use the Stick and Shadow Method to help you navigate in a specific direction, assuming you knew which direction you needed to travel.

The Stick and Shadow Method is relatively simple, but it does take about 20 or 30 mins of time to complete for accurate results and you need a good view of a sunny sky and a fairly flat and level place to set it up.  So the Stick and Shadow Method isn’t the fastest method and most practical method of finding cardinal direction in all conditions and in all situations, but it can be useful.  Keeping a small compass on your person or in your gear is always better and more reliable than the Stick and Shadow.  But if you have nothing else this might be to help.

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Click Below To See How To Build And Use A Stick And Shadow

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