Class Action and Litigation Support


HBS Class Administration has distribut over $14,000,000 to nearly 15,000 class members in employm-relat s. While our primary function is to ensure that r settlem award is execut exactly as agre and approv by the Court, our involvem can begin at any stage of the settlem process. We can help calculate economic damages, analyze the tax impact of a propos settlem structure, and assist in the segregation of class members to proper classes.

“I us Brett Hersh to administer the settlem of a wage and hour class involving over eleven thousand class members.  Brett and his company provid excell seices and were extremely responsive to our nes. I would not hesitate to retain his seices again.” – Harry Waddell, Fer Presid,WV Employm Lawyers Association

“We appreciate the fact that all of HBS’s administration seices are conduct in-house; not outsourc overseas or relegat to a few cubicles inside some corporate subsidiary. We admire HBS’s professionalism, attion to detail, lightning-fast response time, and the smoothness with which their seices dovetail into our day-to-day operations.” – David Hammer, Partner, Hammer, Ferretti and Schiavoni

HBS Class Administration is a full-seice administration firm. Our data managem and re team will locate, docum, and track changes to class members’ addresses. Our tax professionals will consult with r legal team to determine the taxability and proper reporting of any settlem or award. Our customer seice represatives will remain available to see r class members years after the settlem fund is clos. Our technical knowlge, integrity, response time, and absolute commitm to seice will simply astonish .

The proper administration of a class settlem is highly complex. This complexity has l HBS to develop and pioneer an internal administration system that divides each administration into three distinct stages: The Pre- Disbursem Period, The Disbursem Period, and the Post-Disbursem Period.

Pre-Disbursem: The pre-disbursem period encompasses all activities leading to the disbursem of settlem funds. This includes; managing member data, calculating damages, segregating members into classes andor sub-classes, contacting class members, address verification, conducting address es, mailing and publishing legal notices, maintaining and updating able databases, creating security protocol, determining potial tax impact of settlem on class members, calculate employer taxes, establishing the qualifi settlem fund (QSF), importing data into appropriate accounting software, obtaining any feral, state, and local licensing, etc.

Disbursem Period: The disbursem period includes all activities that occur from the mom checks are process to the closing of the trustQSF account. These activities include; remittance of employeeemployer taxes, completion of employer tax filings, fielding and documing member inquiries, addressing unique member situations, reconciling the trustQSF account, maintaining documation of all un-negotiat checks, conducting additional address es, creating detail reports for plaintiff and defendant council, remitting unclaim property to state authorities, and closing of the trustQSF.

Post-Disbursem: The post-disbursem period can last over five years. It consists of all activities that occur after the closing of the trustQSF account. This includes; creation of final reports, filing of necessary tax docums, distribution of 1099s and W2s to class members, preparation of tax return for the QSF, and fielding and documing class member inquiries. The est challenge of the post- disbursem period, however, occurs 18-36 months after the QSF is clos. This is when IRS comers uncover mismatches between 1099s, W2s and class member tax returns. Depending on the nature and age of the law suit, a large percage of members may receive penalty and adjustm notices. Helping class members address these issues requires special systems and an exceptional level of customer seice.

Have a case that involves complex data, requires the reconstruction of cash flows, billings, transs, time sheets or timelines?  HBS can the pieces together and reconstruct reality in a comprehensive, coher fat.  Our seices are especially helpful when the data is overwhelming, scatter andor dis…  but know it can reveal a compelling truth to support r cli’s position.

Complex Tax Seices:  Dealing with an estate and discover the dec liv in several states, had multiple income streams and investms but hadn’t fil tax returns for a number of years?  HBS can reconstruct income, ductions, and crits to properly complete the returns.  Have a cli who has a less-than-desirable accounting departm and is in the middle of an audit or tax dise?  HBS can help.

  Trustee of a failing business in a viable market?  Ne a managem overhaul, revamp business systems, or debt restructur to ensure repaym without strangling potial growth?  The same skills that allow HBS to reconstruct past reality enables us to prict the future impact of strategic decisions with remarkable accuracy.

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