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1 posts since

8 May 2019


Just wanted some advice please. I’m 22 and been told I have CIN 1 as well as a cervical ectropion. I was originally referred for a colposcopy because the doctor saw the ectropion, and then biopsy were taken at the colposcopy. Which came back as CIN 1. I don’t really know much about CIN 1, I’m told it can go by itself. However in a couple of weeks I am going for cryocautery to treat the ectropion. Just wondering whether this will help treat the CIN 1?

and also if I have CIN 1 does that mean I have HPV? Or is it possible to have CIN 1 without having HPV?

And if it is caused by HPV, I had the vaccine when I was at school. Can this not work sometimes? 

sorry for all the questions,


many thanks in advance

566 posts since

25 Jun 2018

Hi Amylou

Thanks for your post. It can be stressful going for investigations and waiting for results.

The first thing to say is to bear in mind that this is not cancer. You’ve been told that there are mild changes to some of the cells on your cervix, and although this might sound scary, it’s actually very common . It’s very likely that these abnormal cells can just go away on their own.

HPV causes most (99.7%) of all cervical abnormal cells to occur and mild changes can also be caused by the HPV virus.

Although you had the vaccination, this will not protect you against all the types of HPV which are linked to abnormal cell cervical changes. However, the immune system and stopping smoking ( if you smoke) often gets rid of HPV.

I am not sure if you have been tested to see if you have HPV. You can ask about this at your next appointment. 

If you do have HPV and while they are treating your ectropian they may think it  appropriate to treat any abnormal cells if they are there. However, if you do not have HPV it is likely that they will only need to treat the ectropian. This is because as I already said,it is very likely that the cells will go back to normal on their own. 

Try and not worry but if you have any other questions, do give us a ring. The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

All the best


1 posts since

29 Nov 2019

Hi there I’ve literally just been told I have CIN1 as well as cervical ectropian as well… I also have very large ovaries on both sides. I have a follow up with my doctor in jan so will see what they have to say. I’m worried as my grandma died of ovarian cancer at 50 and it spread everywhere as she was misdiagnosed x

CIN 1 Questions

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