Chimney Sweep – Crossing The Line

Chimney Sweep – Crossing The Line


President and Founder Local Roll Call.

Local Roll Call is a search listing provider and consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses get in front of consumers and understand the complexities of the local search landscape. Carberry formed the company after realizing that many businesses large and small don’t understand the depth of local search optimization across the search engines and vertical/yellow page directories.

Dave has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2000 and has worked with organizations ranging in size from small businesses to the Fortune 100. Dave is actively involved in the SEM Community. He speaks regularly at various search marketing and online focused conferences and is a member of SEMPO and the IAB.

A recognized expert and educator in online marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search optimization and local search. Prior to starting Local Roll Call Dave was Director of Feed Management and Search at and Platform-A, delivering new opportunities to clients on an ongoing basis with Consumer Shopping Engines, Paid Inclusion Programs and Cross Channel Feed dispersion.

Dave also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The G3 Group. Dave has launched several successful start-up business ventures during his career, including WJFK-AM, and  He and his two children have also written and self published two children’s travel books. Where Was I? New York and Where Was I? Washington D.C.

Wow. Not just employees, but owners should also stick to the script. Going outside company systems and procedures almost always gets you in trouble.

That’s a really crazy story, David. Obviously, a very dumb move on the chimney sweep’s part to ask a customer for a date, while on the job. What kind of behavior is that?

If, perchance, he is smitten with the lady, he has done his all to put her off, alarm her and impose upon her. If desperate to get to know her better, doing so off the clock would have been a far more civilized approach.

If the lady has now posted a negative review, detailing his behavior, it may teach him a lesson, but it’s a very bitter lesson for him to learn if what he was doing was making a very hamfisted attempt to express any genuine admiration for her. An unfortunate situation.

So you never said if you friend paid for the service??? I am guessing she did pay and told him NO for the date. But true statement that you have to mind you P’s and Q’s when conducting yourself in a business setting. If your friend wanted to, she too could write bad reviews and complain of harassment. Word of mouth advertising is essential, don’t give them something negative to say.

Not just employees or owners, but even customers.
My problem used to be that customers “harass” me instead. How to politely tell them that we are NOT friends but having a business relationsship seems quite hard to understand for some. Being nice and deliver the best service you can imagine also has its downsides.

So, as I’m living together with the love of my life these days, I usually mention him somewhere quickly in one of the first conversations and got rid of the whole problem (so far so good).

Maybe a subject to write about some other time?

/”Pretty” girl who knows her business inside out

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