Chemo to start on wed. What should I expecy

Chemo to start on wed. What should I expecy

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11 posts since

17 Aug 2020

Hi.  First time posting. I was diagnosed with a 15mm  invasive ducal caricoma with lymph node measuring 21mm  which was  classed  as a caricoma also. 

I had WLI  ON THE 4 AUG. , 

I was offered the  trial but turned it down as  family history of aunt mother and sister  all having breast cancer  made me feel I had to go way of chemo for my mental state

  I am to have 6 rounds , 3 of  EF and 3 of d.  Then to have 19 rounds of radiation and then tamoxifen. 

I’m just wondering what to expect as in side effects? I know sickness and hair loss which I’m OK either but heat other ones are there? I’m a bit worried as I also have copd and   wonder if I should  put myself into shielding again  just time be  safe from infections. Xx


281 posts since

17 Jun 2020



I found it helped to read about each of the drugs and what the side effects could be.  Everyone will experience it differently.  Breast cancer Now has info on the drugs you’ll be having.   I had FEC and docetaxel, herceptin, radiotherapy, still on zolendronic acid and letrozole.  


Side effects vary person to person so just go with how it is for you.  At some point you may well get a drug that you give yourself at home to boost white cells.  Nothing to stress about though.


What I’d say is get a good thermometer.  Have an overnight bag ready in case you need to be checked over for any reason from the drugs.  Have the treatment helpline number you’ll be given in your phone, and that of one other person close to you.


Probably wise to shield again.  Obviously your decision though.  I’m a year now from chemo and was three months from herceptin but I still got letter to shield.


I think if you take it one treatment at a time.  I had three weekly cycles so week three was the week I felt well so although you might not feel like risking going out, plan some treats like a nice takeaway if you’re up for it.


I found food tasted odd and everything smelled like the fragrance part had vanished and it was just the chemicals.  I remember crying my head off in Asda smelling the shower gels, shampoo, washing powder etc cos everything just made me feel awful.  I eventually settled for an eco egg for laundry and simple brand shower stuff.  Even my husband was banned from using his normal deodorant.  I had to phone my daughter to come to the house to remove a scented candle that was beside me.  So weird when I think back.   All back to normal now!


Best wishes




11 posts since

17 Aug 2020

Thanks for the reply. Lorraine.  I eill take ur advice. I had heard about losing the sense of taste and smell  from my sister so I’ve loaded up with plain old soups and puffins. Hopefully they will be OK to have.  Just waiting on the bone scan I had as my alkaline phosphate came in high which got the oncology doc to refer me for the scan. Hope it is  clear as I have been having some pain in left shoulder and spine which I had mentioned when having the biopsy way back in July.      However if it is bad news then I’m getting the proper treatment anyway.   Just wanting to get started now. Lol do my part. X 

281 posts since

17 Jun 2020

Hi Veroni


I know it’s like feeling right my head is in the space to just get going now with it all.  


I did have a real flood of tears going through the chemo unit doors.  Having checked myself religiously standing up, I only found my lump when I reached out lying down to put my phone down.  Something felt odd.  I never expected to go through those doors having checked myself.  I now spread the message everywhere about lying down as well as standing up.


The journey is one where you don’t really know the destination so you just have a ticket and take a seat.  I’m quite a realist.  I believe that everyone is on a level playing field whether they have cancer or are fully well.  Cancer could kill me in years to come, a car accident will kill someone tomorrow.  All any of us ever really have is the breath we’re taking right now.  No point stressing.  Ain’t no one living to be 500 lol.


I do worry about recurrence as do most.  However worry doesn’t get to take all my time.  I did that for a long time.  It takes you away from those you love and who love you.  You never get that time back.  It’s stealing life.  When I’m aware of being sucked into a dark place I make myself refocus.  I can give worry a pretty good karate kick Silly





Chemo to start on wed. What should I expecy

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