Caution: Home Office Deduction

Written by Peter Tran

June 29, 2017

If you are the sole owner of an unincorporated business and have not elected to be treated as a corporation for tax purposes, you are consideRed a “sole proprietor” for tax purposes.  Sole proprietors report their business income and expenses on Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business.  Schedule C then becomes part of the […]

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f you are the sole owner of an unncorporated busness and have elected to be treated as a corporaton for tax purposes, you are consdered a “sole propretor” for tax purposes.  Sole propretors report ther busness ncome and s on Schedule C, Proft or from Busness.  Schedule C then becomes part of the owner’s ndvdual tax return, Form 1040.  Sole Propretorshps are the most common form of busness n the Unted States, makng Schedule C the most common busness form fled wth the RS.

RS Target: Unfortunately, the RS attrbutes much of the Unted States’ “Tax Gap” – the dfference between taxes that should be pad and tax actually reported – to errors sole propretors make on ther Schedule Cs.  The frequency of errors made on Schedule C has made them among the most targeted for RS “revew.” 

n an earler column, dscussed three of the red flags most often waved at the RS by sole propretors: 1) Usng the ncorrect busness classfcaton code, 2) Errors made n reportng ther busness auto use, and 3) Clamng es year after year.  f you mssed ths artcle t s avalable at the or n the artcles secton of  Today, wll revst our “red-flag” dscusson by revewng the 4th major Schedule C red flag: the home offce deducton.

Benefts and Requrements:  Busness owners who do have separate places of busness often have no choce but to perform busness actvtes from ther home.  Those who have a home area that s used regularly and exclusvely for busness may be enttled to take the Home Offce Deducton.  Clamng the Home Offce Deducton allows the busness owner to deduct a porton of many hold s such as mortgage nterest, property taxes, and utltes from busness ncome.  Those who start ther day workng n the home offce may also be enttled to start countng busness mleage from the home nstead of from ther frst busness appontment. 

Unfortunately, many who clam the Home Offce Deducton do so n error.  The frequency wth whch ths deducton s erroneously clamed makes t one of the frst deductons the RS questons.  Ths artcle wll owners ensure ther home offce passes muster f and when t s questoned.

There are two s a workspace must pass to be consdered a home offce for tax purposes:

Exclusve Use : To qualfy as exclusve use, the workspace must only be used for conductng busness.  The area does have to be an entre room.  Part of a room – a desk, char and flng cabnet, for example, that s used strctly and only for busness wll qualfy.  Cauton: The dnner table or a desk shared wth chldren to do ther homework does pass the exclusve use .  Please e that dfferent rules apply to space used to store supples or nventory as well as areas used for daye.

Regular Use : n addton to bg used exclusvely for busness, the workspace must also be used on a consstent bass, ncdentally or occasonally as the owner’s prncpal place of busness.  Ths rule becomes complcated when the busness has more than one busness locaton.  Under these crcumstances, the home workspace must be of “sgnfcantly greater” mportance n provdng the product or servce than any other locaton.

f, however, a busness has no other busness locaton, the offce wll qualfy as the prncpal place of busness when: 1) t s used regularly and exclusvely for management and admnstratve actvtes (such as nvocng and preparng estmates) and, 2) The owner has no other locaton from whch to conduct these actvtes.

Ths artcle has dscussed the basc requrements one must meet to clam the Home Offce Deducton.  There reman, however, many rules, lmts and requrements ncluded n ths artcle.  Please remember: ths or any artcle does consttute or replace the advce of a qualfed professonal.  f you have any questons regardng your taxes or would lke assstance n preparng your tax returns, please feel free to call our offce at (304) 267-2594.

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Happiness is for those who plan well and pursue. A profound among us have been proven those who have true dream to live for likely REALIZED IT. It is just simply the person working toward the DREAM days and night until accomplishment. There is a phrase of efficiency a head of you. Steps and obstacles at first seem tremendous. However, just with some times those difficult steps and challenges are so easy performance for you. There are also plenty of tools including VISUALIZATIONS and helps are around you.



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