Carlypso: Overcomng Bumps n the n the Used Car ndustry

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Publcaton Date:
Aprl 23, 20




Stanford Graduate School of Busness

“Carlypso: Overcomng Bumps n the n the Used Car ndustry” explores varous assocated wth scalng a . n 203, Chrstopher Coleman and Ncholas Hnrchsen cofounded Carlypso, a company that smplfed the process of buyng and sellng used cars. Over the course of two years, Coleman and Hnrchsen ran nto a seres of that prevented Carlypso from sellng cars more effcently. The case hghlghts several of these , as well as the nnovatve steps Coleman and Hnrchsen took to overcome these . Specfc obstacles addressed n the case nclude: attractng used car sellers to Carlypso; ucng the amount of tme requ to meet wth potental buyers; overcomng operatonal neffcences through the use of technology; ng the types of cars that sell quckest; dealng wth copycat compettors; and fgurng out how to grow monthly sales n a scalable fashon.

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Carlypso: Overcomng Bumps n the n the Used Car ndustry


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