Carlos Ghosn and Nssan Motor Co., LTD. (A)

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Publcaton Date:
September 11, 2004


Dard School of Busness

n March 1999, Rault, the nnth largest car maker n the world, announced of a 36.8 perct stake n Nssan Motor for $5.4B. Second, Carlos Ghosn would take charge of the strugglng company. The s shocked Japan as well as the global busness communty. Would a erner be to brng about change n a Japanese company wth a -rooted tradton of bureauatc behavor and a sus-buldng style? Case A desbes the steps that led to the of Nssan. Case B covers the story of Carlos Ghosn and how he changed the company and brought proftablty to Nssan. The case dscusses such technques as the art of lstng and understandng n depth, formaton of oss-functonal teams, and Ghosn’s three manmt prncples: transparcy, 5% strategy and the rest executon, and communcaton of company drecton and prortes.

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Carlos Ghosn and Nssan Motor Co., LTD. (A)


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