CAPTCHA , Completely Automat Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is a technique to protect HTML forms from spammers. CAPTCHA dynamically gerates codes for signup, subscription submission or checkout forms to make sure that forms are not submitt by spam bots.

Because the gerat password on a distort image is a part of the image, users can’t copy and paste it. This way, it verifies that it’s an actual human that submits a form, not any kind of automat including spambots.

The codes that CAPTCHA gerates are usually a combination of letters or digits that doesn’t mean anything. This technology can be us for any form submission on the , including user registration, ecommerce transactions, surveys, polls, search gine submissions, or free email registration.

CAPTCHA example Protect Forms from Spams

Free CAPTCHA installation plugins are available for many vironmts or languages including PHP, Perl, Phthon, WordPress, or MiaWiki.

Advantages of using CAPTCHA from reCAPTCHA project:
It prevts site registration spam.
It prevts bogus commts in blogs.
It protects email addresses from scrapers.
It can be us more accurate online polls.


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