nadan Ar Transport Securty Authorty (TSA)

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September 17,



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n March 2005, the vce-presdt and chef operatng offcer of the nadan Ar Transport Securty Authorty (TSA), was thnkng about best harness the busness ntellgce (B) system that TSA had mplemted. From ts creaton n 2002, TSA had developed an organzatonal structure wth more than 200 agers overseeng 4,000 screng offcers. n June 2003, a B soluton was developed and, n 2004, the soluton was launched. The vce-presdt wanted to know whether hs team could antcpate and age the changes that the new B system would trgger.

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nadan Ar Transport Securty Authorty (TSA)


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