Business travel is almost inevitable at some point or another. You may have to fly
to meet a new client or drive to meet a distributor. Whatever the reason that you
are traveling for business, it can be more expensive for the small business owner.
Owning your own small business is not a small task, but you also don’t have an expansive
expense account to fall back onto. Most small business travelers have to pay for
their expenses out of their own pocket. In response to this, several businesses
have made it more affordable for business owners to travel inexpensively without
having to compromise luxury. Here are few tips to travel nicely without breaking
the bank.

1. Don’t Stress About Flight Prices: Fares go up every year, but if you stick
to the competitive airlines, they are going to be offering low fares on popular
flights. Also, if you see a good fare, grab it before it’s too late.

2. The Internet is Great for Car Rentals, but Better Deals Can be Found on the Good
Ole’ Telephone:
Many car rental companies have great Internet rates, but
there are often special car rates available to callers. Also, don’t purchase gas
from the car rental; it’s rip-off. Also, don’t over insure yourself either.

3. Watch for Extra Hotel Fees: The extra fees are popping up all over the
place. From $10 to connect to the Internet to $50 early arrival fees. If your hotel
tries to charge fees without forewarning you, you can often talk your way out of
paying them.

4. Don’t Book Your Room Just Yet: Hotel rooms are considered “perishable”
commodities. Consider looking at websites that offer rates below the published rate
or call the hotel direct at the last minute.

5. Bring Your Own Lunch: Airlines are getting stingy with on flight meals
and even their pillows. Bring your own little pillow instead of paying the airline
for it.

6. Watch for Falling Airlines: Watch out for the little airlines that are
going under. If you are going to book a flight, be sure it’s in the near future.

7. Always Check the Airline Websites: Airlines are offering great Internet
deals. Pay attention to your email alerts, they can save you a bundle.

8. Find Business Travel Friendly Hotels: There are several hotels that are
changing their faces. They are seeking the business of business travelers by making
it more convenient for you to stay there. Take advantage of everything they have
to offer the business traveler.

9. Request a Room next to the Nearest Router: If you are like most business
travelers you depend on your wireless Internet connection. To ensure you get the
best connection possible, request a room that is close to their nearest router,
this ensures you can take advantage of their wireless Internet service.

10. Request GPS: Many rental car companies are installing GPS systems into
their cars. This is a great service and well worth the additional fee. Save yourself
a lot of headache traveling in foreign cities by taking advantage of this new inexpensive