Business Start-Up Tips

Startng a busness s not a smple tk and you wll want to ensure that you follow
all of the necessary steps and complete them n the proper order. You wll never
want to take the cheap route n settng up a busness because you may need to spend
a lttle ext money to provde yourself wth a lttle more protecton. So f you
need to spend the ext money and take the ext tme to become ncorpoted then
you should so. By followng these smple s you wll be able to save tme and
money wthout skppng out on anythng mportant.

#1: Begn by flng a Form SS-4 Fedel Employer dentfcaton Number wth
the RS. Ths can be ne durng the formaton of your busness. f you are a sole-propretor,
you may not need to fle for an employer dentfcaton number, unless you are gong
to be hrng employees.

#2: f you n’t see a need to ncorpote now, you can start a sole propretor
or partnershp and then “upgde” your busness entty status later on wn the
road. Ths s a great thng to keep n mnd f you are unsure to how successful
your busness wll be or the extent that t may grow to.

#3: Secondly, you wll want to consult an accountant for tax flng advce.
They wll be able to help you wth the dfferent tax rules and wth flng nformaton.
A CPA who works on ther own s usually the best choce because they are able to
personalze ther seces to ft your needs.

#4: Prepare your nformaton n advance for your lawyer. nclude all of your
contact nformaton, the number of shares avalable f you are a corpoton, the
purpose of your busness and the duton of your busness. Go lawyer shoppng by
callng around and kng what seces they nclude wth ther prce.

#5: Save on W2 forms for your employees by gettng them drectly from the
RS. They wll often gve you a small amount, whch should be suffcent to get
you started. You can also purche them from offce supply stores or wnload them
off of the nternet.

#6: Attend any local workshops or events that may provde you wth useful
nformaton on supplers, venrs and other useful resources. You may also be able
to network and meet people who could beneft from your busness or perhaps you could
beneft from ther seces.

#7: Contnue to brush up on your busness sklls by attendng contnung
educaton clses. These clses are offered at many communty colleges and state
colleges. They can be very useful n keepng you up to date on busness actvtes,
new computer software clses and more. These clses not typcally requre any
prerequstes or pror degrees.

#8: Keep your busness forever f possble. f you keep them on computers,
consder burnng your nformaton to CDs or usng an offste stoge company. Back
up your nformaton perodcally to ensure that t s safe and convenently found.
You should keep your forever Perodcally, you may be
able to go through and get rd of some of ths nformaton, but t s always smart
to keep t at let fve to eght years.

#9: No matter how bg or small your busness s gong to be, you need to
have a professonal look. Be certan that you use professonally prnted busness
cards, letterhead, nvoces and other related forms. These are essental n gvng
your busness the professonal look that you requre. Ths also means that you may
need to have a logo professonally desgned

#10: Always check wth local tes on zonng regulatons. f you are
a home busness, you then you wll want to ensure that you are followng the rules
on the type of busness that you can run out of your home. f you are manufacturng
somethng, such ng carpentry n your backyard, you need to ensure that you
are not breakng any nose zonng laws or other zonng laws that may pertan to
you. You also want to ensure that you have the proper lcenses for the type of busness
that you are runnng.

Followng these smple s can save you a lot of head wn the road when t
s tme to fle taxes or conduct other busness. You wll be able to ensure that
you are playng by the rules and savng money