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Small First Aid Kit 100 Piece: Car, Home, Survival

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So compact, but has everything you could need for a first aid emergency.

By SJ Blouse on August 3, 2014

So compact, but has everything you could need for a first aid emergency. I was an EMT for years and wanted something little to throw into each car to have just in case. This kit serves that purpose quite well. It has all the essentials you could need in a first aid emergency. Just the basics and nothing unnecessary here. Loved it so much that I bought another one. So we have one for each car now. Great investment for your family’s safety.

I received the product for free to evaluate with an honest review.

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Customers Rated Highest Stars

Great product! Highly recommend!

By Dutchess on August 2, 2014

I was first surprised to see how little this kit was. I thought to myself, how can they fit a bunch of stuff in this small case…well, I still don;t know how they did it, but they did! Everything you need is in this kit. I even found a poncho! Every pocket has a bunch of stuff in it that you would need if you are in trouble! Any kind of bandage, gauze, tape…. I was also surprise to see this little shield, you can use to administer mouth to mouth. The list is endless! A little rope to use, in case you need to bind something off, due to being bitten or blood loss..

So while, I first thought it was too small, that is actually after all a plus point! It fit anywhere!

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