Boost Sales During Summer Slowdowns with These Tips

Lst Updted: My 30, 2017
Most busnesses fce sles slump durng the summer months. These sx des cn help you brng n more customers durng slow months nd combt sesonl ncome fluctutons.

Fmles mght love summer be t mens tme off from school nd long weekends t the bech. However, smll busness owners re less lkely to pprecte ths tme of yer. n fct, summertme s mous n the mrketng world be t tends to correspond wth serous sles slump.

ccordng to report by the web nlytcs frm Sumll, onlne shoppng fgures drop 30 percent between December nd July. s result, mny busnesses re left scrmblng to mke up for profts. Here re sx effectve tps to fght summer slowdowns nd ensure sles fgure rse long wth the tempertures ths yer:

Sponsorng socl med content s gret wy to generte exctement durng slow tme n the sles seson. Not only s socl med gvewy gret for enggng customers nd ncresng pge vews, but t lso cretes goodwll for your busness. For best results, ncorporte the seson nto your contest whle personlzng t to reflect the type of busness you operte. For exmple, n onlne clothng retler could nvte customers to submt photos of themselves n ther Fourth of July outfts. On the other hnd, locl gym mght sk ts clents to shre tps for how they keep up wth ther workouts whle trvelng for vctons. You cn offer gft or dscount to the wnnng entry. Be Fcebook nd Twtter tend to remn populr regrdless of the seson, busness owners cn be confdent tht socl med contents wll help them rech wder udence nd, delly, boost sles.

Mrketers re often tempted to cut prces durng the summer months when sles re slow. Unfortuntely, cuttng prces lso reduces your busness’ profts. nsted of sellng for less thn they’re worth, strve to entce customers to buy by boostng the perceved vlue of your s nd servces. For exmple, locl nl slon could offer del n whch customers who purchse both mncure nd pedcure get free nl rt. Smlrly, you cn opt to gve wy brnded lke bech bgs or wter bottles wth purchses of $25. Not only do these brnded gfts serve s gret mrketng tools, but they lso boost goodwll mong your clent bse.

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Just be the December holdys hve pssed doesn’t men busnesses should hestte to tke dvntge of sesonl mrketng opportuntes. To get strted, brnstorm lst of summer events to hghlght when promotng your s. long wth holdys lke Flg Dy nd the Fourth of July, smll busnesses cn look for mrketng opportuntes centered round populr summertme ctvtes lke cookouts, bech trps, nd dys t the bsebll prk. The de s provde reders wth summer-themed content, such s blogs nd socl med posts, nd use them to promote your relevnt s nd servces.  

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Mny smll busnesses wt untl utumn nd bck-to-school seson to relese new s. However, mrketers lookng to overcome the summer slump mght wnt to der nnouncng new durng ths tme of yer. Be there re fewer new on the mrket t ths tme, your hs better chnce of stndng out nd ttrctng ttenton. s n dded beneft, ntroducng new tem or servce durng summer gves you chnce to try t out wth smller udence to guge nterest. f t turns out your clents ren’t nterested n dog mssges, you cn cncel the offerng wthout much fre or embrrssment.

Beat the Summer Sales Slump

Collbortng wth nother busness cn be gret wy to boost sles for both prtes. Be people re often eger to get out of town durng the hot summer months, you mght wnt to der prtnerng wth trvel compny or locl tour gude busness. You cn offer customers who spend $25 t your store nother $25 n credt wth your prtner. Not only do these offers ncentvze buyers to vst both shops, but they lso fford ech busness ccess to n udence t mght not otherwse come nto contct wth.

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s smll busness owner, you set the tone for your employees nd contrctors, who then tke tht tttude wth them to your clents. Mnmze sles downturns durng the summer months by mntnng postve outlook n front of your tem. When you spek to your sles representtves, vod usng terms lke “slump” or “downturn” nd focus nsted on encourgng ech rep to boost personl performnce. ddtonlly, you cn ncentvze stressed-out sles stff by plnnng some fun summer ctvtes for them. For exmple, you mght wnt to host tem-wde bowlng nght or nvte your employees nd ther frends to pcnc n the prk. You don’t hve to spend fortune to boost sprts nd nvgorte your stff.

Summer sles fgures mght be hstorclly low, but tht doesn’t men your smll busness profts hve to suffer s Follow the bove suggestons to keep your sles numbers up no mtter how hgh the mercury sors.

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