Body Armor Selection

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The Internet has become more than just the main source of information.  The rise of online shopping has led to virtually all products becoming available for online purchase.  The world’s most noticeable online marketplaces include eBay, DHgate, and others.  Body armor is no exception and has also become available for online purchase.

Although buying body armor online is simple and allows you to save time and money, there are still certain things a buyer should consider before purchasing body armor online.  Although there are a lot of frauds on the Internet, who just want to stuff their pockets with cash, we won’t speak about that in this article.

Body armor is a very important piece of gear for preparedness.  No one buys body armor just to have it.  Every person that purchases a vest has their own reasons to do it.  Some people are working at jobs that demand them to wear body armor.  This includes security guards, bodyguards, prison guards, police officers, SWAT, etc. But, even among civilians there are people, who should have body armor on them, when going out of their homes, if they want to stay safe.  Some situations that it would be a good idea to have body armor are when you live in a dangerous neighborhood, or when your life has been threatened, if you think you are being stalked, or even in during or after a disaster situation where the civilian population may be out of control, or even when there are riots in the streets, or anytime that law enforcement officers are tied up with bigger problems.

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First of all, it is necessary to decide what type of body armor you need – bulletproof or stab proof or both!  This is why the reason for the purchase is important, because it helps to predefine your choice.  Don’t hassle with buying a bulletproof vest that just looks cool, make sure it is functional!  Every vest has a protection level.  The protection levels are determined by two entities in the world the UK HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Development Branch) and the US NIJ (National Institute of Justice), these agencies provide ratings for stab proof and bullet proof vests respectively, they also cooperate on their ratings, which makes them globally recognized and utilized by manufacturers from all over the world. Be advised that only certain online manufacturers follow these protective standards a good example of one of these is  If you are working in a position, where you have a possibility of being stabbed, shot at, or both, look for the respective body armor that has a protection level for those possible threats.  If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, where you could catch a stray bullet on your way home, buy a Level II or Level IIA bullet proof vest for a proper protection.  A level II or level IIa vest with a level I edged protection will protect you from most of your common everyday street threats.

Secondly, you must choose the right size body armor.  Sizing is extremely important, when buying body armor.  If you buy body armor that is too large, it will dangle, feel uncomfortable, won’t let you move freely, and will just not be as effective.  In the same time, if you purchase body armor that is too small, it will be too tight and may leave unnecessary holes, because of not being properly zipped up or fastened.  Also, don’t think that body armor is unisex.  There are special models made for women to match the specific shapes of a female body.  So, if you are a woman looking for body armor, don’t forget about this tiny little fact, when choosing your purchase.

In the end, make sure that the store you are dealing with can be trusted.  You can check client feedback at various Internet forums.  Just introduce “store name + feedback” into the search line of the search engine you are using and you will find out all the information you need about the store.  In case it’s eBay, you can review sellers’ feedback right away.  This is a great way to protect you from fraud.

When you have decided, which model and brand of body armor you are going to buy, make sure you’ve considered all of these facts before making the final deal.  And, remember, there are no absolutely perfect stores, neither online, nor in your neighborhood, city, and even in the world.

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Body Armor Selection

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