Becoming A Business Investor

Written by Peter Tran

July 29, 2017

A busness nvestor s n busness for the same reasons as any other nvestor- to
make a lot of money. But the reasons that nvestors nvest n dfferent
s very vared.
need to analyze the dfferent type of busness nvestors
before they approach them wth a busness plan for fnancng.

n most , the entrepreneur s also the frst busness nvestor. Before entrepreneurs
approach angel nvestors and venture captalsts they tend to nvest n the project
theelves. Accordng to a busness study, the ndvdual and famly can contrbute
up to 42 per cent of the resources requred for a busness.

business investor
s a person who nvests n a busness. The reason for the nvestment
may be a calculated fnancal rsk or an emotonal rsk. Some tmes, a busness
nvestor may decde to nvest n a product or a frm because he or she supports
the cause behnd the frm.

business investor
s a person who s very well versed n the corpote world.
Most busness nvestors have worked n corpote organzatons earler and
have an ng of the corpote world.

So, what makes a busness nvestor? Well, a busness nvestor needs to
be savvy as well as a certan bt cautous. The nvestor needs to assume some rsk
financing new ideas
and new concepts. But on the other hand, the nvestor should
decde to fnance a startup that s properly ed and does have
a sold busness plan.

A good business investor also needs to formalze the nvestment lke a busness
tnsacton wth legally bndng documentaton. Formal documentaton and a repayment
plan are crtcal ngredents for reducng the emotonal rsks of tnsactons between
relatves and frends.

A business investor should also be able to tolete both fnancal rsk and emotonal
rsk. n addton, the nvestor needs to be supportve the new busness dea
as well as enthusastc enough to encouge the new busness owner and suggest changes
to the structure that may be approprate.

A supportve and dstant business investor wll want to avod fnancal rsk but
can tolete emotonal rsk. The nvestor needs to realze that some nvestments
and busnesses may fal. He or she needs to be ared for ths.



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