Barter Ground rules.

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Not a bad article however please look to history when barter during lawless times really occurred.

Trading posts in the “Wild West” were forts for as reason and the fighting towers riflemen looked BOTH outside and INSIDE to keep things civil and profitable for the traders.

Boston’s Tax Tower had the ship owners doing their taxes under the watchful eyes of several armed militiamen in the balcony of that tower.

“Robber Barons” of the Middle Ages provided safe places for trade for a cut of the profits or taxes.

So I suggest you look at what was said in this article and think why would the “Bad Guys” not do much the same in reverse and or follow you HOME for their Taxes?

Trade from a place of strength.

Yep you should always deal from a position of strength. As I noted in a recent post on rebuilding society getting rid and keeping rid of the baf elements is always the first order of business. Thanks for reinforcing that point!

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Barter Ground rules.

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