What is “at-will” ?

When an employee is hired at-will, his or her can be tinated at any time with or without ice by either party the employee or the employer with no liability. The employee may quit their job for any reason at any time. Also, the employer doesn’t have to provide any reasons for tinating an “at-will” employee as long as the tination isn’t discriminatory or illegal.

What are common reasons of tinating an at-will employee?

Poor company profit
Poor employee performance
Workforce reduction

It’s a good idea for the employer to ask the employee to sign the Employee Agreement or Contract to ensure that the employee understands that his or her is “at-will’. Having this agreement in writing helps avoid lawsuits by the employee. Company policy manuals may be considered to be an enforceable document between the employer and the employee in many states.

Yet, it’s a good practice that the employer provide the employee good faith communication about whatever issues have led to the tination of the .


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