Amazon Associates is one of the most successful and the largest online affiliate programs. Amazon associates can make up to 15% in referral fees on all qualifying products that people directed from their site make purchase. Amazon keeps track of affiliate sales through specially formatted links.

Here are several good reasons why you may want to consider the Amazon Associate program.

– Amazon is one of the most popular shopping site on the web and also it’s a trusted brand. This helps visitors buy products from Amazon and you will have better chance to earn commission with your referrals.

– It’s easy to set up. Amazon provides various tools and plug-ins to integrate the links to your site. WordPress also provides easy-to-setup plug-in. Go to WordPress Plug-in Directory ( and type ‘amazon’.

There are more chances that people buy more than one products. Even when you send your visitors to Amazon using an item specific link, they may purchase other products, too. In this case, you can earn referral fees on all products that they purchase.

– Amazon is one of the top sites in regard to the breadth of products sold. If the main topic of your site or blogs is niche-oriented, you may find it difficulties to find affiliates. Amazon would work in that case because most likely they sell niche market products that match your site’s content.

One of the biggest cons of the Amazon Affiliate Program is that their commission is relatively low. There are two compensation plans in the program, the Classic Fee Structure and the Performance Fee Structure. The Classic Fee Structure pays 4% fixed-rate commission with $25 caps on desktop computers or laptops. The other plan is based on how much conversion you make from the traffic you send during a month. 4% may look smaller but the more people you send buy from Amazon, the more commission you will get.

By PuReWebDev, December 16, 2008 @ 4:20 pm

Your right, the amazon associates program is probably one of the best affiliate programs online. I use it and make great money with it regularly.

By Niall, December 7, 2009 @ 9:11 am

I am going to look into Amazon, I knew they did an adffiliate program but I assumed it would be poor quality, I’ll check it out, thank you