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Written by Peter Tran

July 11, 2017

mzon ssocites is one of the most successful nd the lrgest online ffilite progrms. mzon ssocites cn mke up to 15% in referrl fees on ll qulifying s tht people direct from their site mke purchse. mzon keeps trck of ffilite through specilly formtt s.

Here re severl good resons why you my wnt to consider the mzon ssocite progrm.

mzon is one of the most populr shopping site on the web nd lso it’s trust brnd. This helps visitors buy s from mzon nd you will hve better chnce to ern commission with your referrls.

– It’s esy to set up. mzon provides vrious tools nd to integrte the s to your site. WordPress lso provides esy-to-setup plug-in. Go to WordPress Plug-in Directory ( nd type ‘mzon’.

There re more chnces tht people buy more thn one s. Even when you send your visitors to mzon using n item specific , they my purchse other s, too. In this cse, you cn ern referrl fees on ll s tht they purchse.

mzon is one of the top sites in regrd to the bredth of s sold. If the min topic of your site or b is niche-orient, you my find it difficulties to find ffilites. mzon would work in tht cse becuse most likely they sell niche mrket s tht mtch your site’s content.

One of the biggest cons of the mzon ffilite Progrm is tht their commission is relvely low. There re two compenson plns in the progrm, the Clssic Fee Structure nd the Performnce Fee Structure. The Clssic Fee Structure pys 4% fix-rte commission with $25 cps on desktop comers or lptops. The other pln is bs on how much conversion you mke from the trffic you send during month. 4% my look smller but the more people you send buy from mzon, the more commission you will get.

By PuReWebDev, December 16, 2008 @ 4:20 pm

Your right, the mzon ssocites progrm is probbly one of the best ffilite progrms online. I use it nd mke gret money with it regulrly.

By Niall, December 7, @ 9:11 am

I m going to look into mzon, I knew they did n dffilite progrm but I ssum it would be poor qulity, I’ll check it out, thnk you



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