Air Canada: Flying High with Infation Technology

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Publication Date:
March 24, 204

HEC Montreal Centre for Case Studies

By covering infation technology (IT) management at Air Canada over two decades, this case illustrates the process of alignment between IT and over time. During the 990s, the focus was on efficiency and the IT department supported through both the centralization of the IT function and the outsourcing of most of the IT activities, with the explicit objective of reducing costs. Twenty years later, at the time the case takes place, Air Canada had two key strategic objectives: operational excellence and customer proximity. In order to help meet these two objectives, IT now supported through a hybrid structure and an innovation-based, “best-of-breed” sourcing . Also, over the years, the IT department at Air Canada had developed processes aimed at ensuring efficient delivery of s by suppliers, as well as in-house processes to scan, identify and implement innovative IT solutions both for operational excellence and customer proximity.

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Air Canada: Flying High with Infation Technology


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