Last Updated: Jan 23, 2014
Think an accountant is only valuable to your business at time? According to Jennifer Warawa of Sage North America, consulting with an accountant year-round could give your business the edge to thrive, even in a difficult economy.

Jennifer Warawa - Vice President of Partner Programs and Channel Sales at SageSmall businesses must constantly juggle competing priorities and make the tough decisions on where to allocate valuable resources. In an uncertain economy, most struggle with where to spend and where to cut. Most small businesses can’t afford to have a full-time accountant on staff, and while some owners may have solid working knowledge of the day-to-day bookkeeping or accounting needs of their businesses, many rely on the expertise of a designated accountant only during tax season. Once tax season is over, many of those same small business owners will likely go to managing their books on their own. ‘

What many small business owners probably don’t realize is the value that comes from building a relationship with an accountant on a consultative basis throughout the year. An accountant can serve a trusted advisor who can offer invaluable counsel to take a business to the next , or even just assist in navigating through an uncertain economy. Accountants bring knowledge, experience, expertise and a perspective that can help build a plan to turn business ambitions into reality.

Here are seven reasons that all small business owners should keep in mind when deciding whether an outside accountant is a fit for their operation.

Can your business survive without the assistance of an outside accountant? Probably.  But the extra insight, guidance and expertise offered by an outside accountant can be the catalyst that could make your business thrive.

Jennifer Warawa is the vice president of Partner Programs and Channel Sales at Sage North America. Prior to working with Sage, Jennifer owned a small business for over 12 in Canada. Jennifer has been with Sage for over four leading the Sage Accountants Network program for North America and currently lives in Atlanta, GA.


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