ccounting leders mke 9 requests of NextGen

In recent article, I shr nine requests tht future leders hve of their existing leders. fter this rticle ws publish, I sk number of estblish firm leders cross the country to shre requests they’d like to mke of next genertion (NextGen) leders. With chnge mnget, communiction, nd fith s centrl themes, here re nine requests estblish leders hve for their future leders:

Most NextGen tlent I meet hve requests for chnge to shre with their leders. But they lck confidence nd re too deferentil or too timid to mke their requests. Estblish leders both wnt nd ne more febck from their NextGen tlent. Their request for more dilogue is on the tble. Seize this opportunity, future leders! Sit wn nd shre your ides with your estblish leders tody.

Jennifer Wilson is prtner nd co-founder of ConvergenceCoching LLC, ledership nd mnget consulting nd coching firm tht helps leders chieve . Lern more bout the compny nd its services t To comt on this rticle or to suggest n ide for nother rticle, cont Jeff Drew, Jof senior itor, t


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