A Note on Human Resources in Developing Economies

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Publication Date:
February 04, 204

Stanford Graduate School of

repreneurs seeking to start companies in developing economies face significant human resource . Before embarking on their vures, repreneurs should articulate a tal managem strategy that desibes how they will source, idify, seen, and manage employees, including rank and file workers, midlevel managers, and senior executives as the company scales. In developing such a strategy, the most important considerations will include how much and what kinds of human capital are pres, the availability of to effectively idify and seen candidates, local culture, and the flexibility of the labor market. Drawing from interviews with repreneurs and investors aoss a number of countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin , this note elores several major human resource found in developing economies and the strategies repreneurs have employed to meet these .

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A Note on Human Resources in Developing Economies


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