A Look at Some Value Stream Map Examples and Tips on How to Use

A Look at Some Value Stream Map Examples and Tps on How to Use

f we examne some value stream map examples, they are an llustraton or flowchart of the sequence of actvtes nvolved n desgnng and producng a product, or offerng a servce; startng from the frst s n the makng of a product to the pont of sales to the end customer. These maps are based on the premse that any actvty conssts of a sequence of events and shows the varous s, delays, and nformaton flows requred to delver the product n a “sngle page” or at a glance.

Value stream maps fnd major use n Lean processes to pn pont the specfc areas where waste occurs. Lean requres each event to value to the product or the servce. Mng the flow of the product or servce as t moves from one pont to aher allows dentfcaton of the value ed n that specfc actvty and the stages between two actvtes, or whether the actvty does any value, and s hence a waste.

A value stream map consders the entre supply chan and does lmt the analyss to the company or organzaton. Ths allows dentfyng the real problems to take effectve countermeasures. For nstance, the company may adopt a perfect Lean operaton, but the benefts may be lost f the dstrbutor of the product who takes the product from the manufacturer and provdes t to the retal outlet s a basket case of neffcency. Erratc dstrbuton may result n reduced sales, frtterng away the advantages of lowcost and hgh qualty products brought about by Lean.

One example of the lcaton of value stream maps are n manufacturng processes, especially in Lean processes. Consder a manufacturng unt where partally processed unts wat n queue for further processng. Ths exemplfes an neffcent process, as t wastes tme. The value stream map may dentfy a possble bottleneck where one partcular machne can match the pace of the prevous actvtes n the value chan. The process owners can then work to resolve the bottleneck by redesgnng the work flow, ng new machnery, or through some other way. n a smlar way, a value analyss map may hghlght unnecessary space, dstance, processng neffcency, and other lls of the manufacturng process.

Value stream maps also fnd use n servces. lcaton of the value stream map for nsurance clams processng, for nstance traces the process and tme from the pont when a customer makes a clam to the tme the clam s pad or rejected. The varous process may nclude the customer makng an lcaton for the clam, the clams processng agency revewng the customer’s account for elgblty, forwardng the clam for verfcaton, the verfcaton agency submttng the report, the accounts department releasng payment, and the customer beng nformed. Lookng at a value stream flow chart, the project manager may make alteratons to the work flow, change the customer’s clam format, or make other mprovements to ensure speedy dsposal of clams.

Very often, the project manager entrusted wth cuttng waste or mprovng process effcency makes alteratons n the “Current State Value Stream Map” based on what s possble, to derve a “Future Stream Value Stream Map” and then strves to convert ths future state map to the current state map.

Frst, a free sample value stream map example from the Bright Hub Media Gallery. Ths map llustrates the value stream of a furnture manufacturng company. Ths s a smple map that llustrates the process. Ths s the most basc of value stream flowchart, to llustrate the concept.

The sample flow chart nvolves the followng s: Customer places order for custom furnture, storekeeper eates a work order; manufacturng plant accepts the work order; manufacturng plant eates work schedule, plant orderng raw materals; suppler shppng materals, the actual producton process nvolvng sortng of raw materals, cuttng, smoothng, jonng parts, polshng and ng; nspecton, packng; bllng; storage for transport; the actual transportaton; the store recevng the product and nformng the customer; and the customer takng delvery.

A more detaled value stream flow chart may llustrate the manufacturng process n detal, ncludng movement of raw materals from stores to the plant, work schedules of dfferent work teams, and more.

Lookng at the flowchart, the project manager may try to reduce the tme taken for varous actvtes such as sourcng raw materals, conduct some actvtes such as bllng smultaneously wth other actvtes such as packagng to save tme, elmnate nonvalue ton actvty such as storage by advancng transportaton arrangements, and so on.

A value stream map ranks as the most smple tool to obtan a brd’seye vew of the process and make any necessary changes.


A Look at Some Value Stream Map Examples and Tps on How to Use