A Dozen Reasons to Have a Blog for Your Business

Written by promotiondept

December 2, 2018

A Dozen Reasons to Have a Blog for Your Business


While social media is still the topic du jour at major search conferences, I’m still hearing a lot of buzz about blogs. But the issue is convincing small businesses of the need to conr launching a blog. That’s what Gnt Griffiths is aiming to do over at Office Warrior with his great list of 12 Ways a Blog Can Benefit Your Business.

Gnt breaks them down like so:

Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide, the Social Media Faculty Chair for MarketMotive

Thank you so much for mentioning and linking to my blog post about blogging. I have been blogging and marketing a professional service firm with a blog now for 3 years. It is a great way to market and the RIO from blogging your business is outstanding.

Thanks again.

No problem! It was a great post, so happy to link.

I know it can be tough for some companies to “see” the fit, but I’m seeing more and more really creative examples of companies using blogs to communicate with and a customer base. 🙂

Great post Jennifer! Blogging for your business is arguably one of the best and most cost-effective s to implement!
I just recently held a short ‘intro to blogging’ presentation for board members of the San Diego Zoo. They ed using blogs to keep the folks providing the donations informed on how their money was being spent whether it be through donations, ments, etc. They now have blogs for each ‘division’ of ened species and have dmatically increased the incoming donation stream as well as spread the word about their work and efforts in means that were previously not possible.

Thanks Jon!

Love the idea on the zoo. Sometimes people worry too much about creating a blog that appeals to every single possible member of their target audience and miss the fact that a highly focused blog can deliver wonderful results. Kudos to you and the zoo for finding something that works.

It was a pleasure sharing those numbers with you, Jennifer. And thanks for the lovely mention.

I implore anybody to implement a blog for all the twelve reasons you cite via Gnt’s post and then some. I’m no longer amazed as to how well it works but why more people aren’t jumping on board or miss the mark with their efforts.

One of the key elements is presenting a human face to an inhuman Web. You don’t need a blog to do that – perhaps a podcast or could work better if you’re more comfortable doing that.

I think people often get uptight about what they might be able to talk about on a blog, but I’ve always maintained that I’m not an expert on sheet metal or the industry, but I am an expert on Butler Sheetmetal.

And therein lies the key. You only have to be an expert on your own business and take it from there.

How was London?


London was pretty good, though I enjoyed our time in Italy far more. 😉 Good to get a break anyway, and the London crowd at SES was among the most intective I’ve ever worked with. Great tining over there.

I think you offer up great perspective on this. The bit about being an expert on Butler Sheetmetal is key…but something so many people miss. Last week at SES NY I was trying to remind the small business crowd that their most powerful social media marketing was themselves. People get so caught up in trying to “represent” that they sometimes forget the value in simply “being.”

The Tin Basher blog works because you are who you are. Who you are happens to be an interesting person with a flair for story telling. They capitalized on that and the blog works because of it. In the case of Zappo’s, who they are is a company focused on customer service. Once where CSA’s are empowered to REALLY take care of customers. Their company works because of it.

People need to looking inward and figuring out what makes their company unique. It’s rely the price or even the product. It’s the PEOPLE. The ones that figure that out and then get involved in the conversation are the ones coming out ahead right now.

Hey Jennifer! Our company is new to the “blog world”, and we’re loving it! Keeping the content fresh, interesting and providing information to our readers is such a great way to expound on what we do and interest. Great article!

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