9 Tips to Deal with Negative People

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Last Updated: May 5, 2017
Are negative people in your workplace driving you crazy? Don’t let them sabotage your efforts or dampen the spirit of other employees.  Here’s how to deal with negativity in a positive and constructive way.

You know that frustrating feeling when someone on your team always seems to point out why ideas won’t work. Their “wet blanket” buzz kill way of stating their opinion sucks the life out of meetings and dampens everyone’s enthusiasm.

Being a smart leader, you know you need to stop this, but…you also know you don’t want to communicate to the person that their opinion doesn’t matter or that dissent is unwelcome.

This article shows you how to deal with this situation and get these messages across:

So how do you accomplish this? Here are nine principles to guide your conversation.

David Lee is the founder of HumanNatureatWork.com and an internationally recognized authority on employee engagement. He is the author of nearly 100 articles and book chapters that have been published in the US, Europe, India, Australia, and China. For the whitepaper based on this article that includes wording to use for each point, email [email protected].



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