9 tips for Microsoft PowerPoint for CPAs

9 tps for Mcrosoft PowerPont for CPs

Edtor’s Note: Ths rtcle ws orgnlly publshed by ICAS n the Feb. 26, 2016, ssue of CA Today.

1. Esly nsert screenshots. f your presentton s ll bout demonstrtng process tht s usully on your computer screen, PowerPont ncludes tmesvng feture tht mkes t esy to dd screenshots nto your sldes.

2. lwys keep the selecton pne hndy. f you hve ever bult complex presentton n PowerPont, you wll hve undoubtedly experenced the frustrton of tryng to select/edt multple text boxes, ch, or mges on slde. PowerPont hs hndy feture clled the Selecton Pne, whch helps llevte ths chllenge nd mke t eser for you to mke ny chnges you need.

3. ddng grds nd rulers. Lnng thngs up n PowerPont s lot eser thn t used to be, but f you wnt to do t vsully, use grdlnes nd rulers. They’re not vsble by defult, but they’re esy enough to swtch on.

4. nmtng ch. Puttng n n Excel-esque chrt s bout s smple s t gets n PowerPont. Go to thenserttb, clck Chrt, nd t’ll stck one n wth smple nfo you cn esly replce. Wht mkes t more nterestng s nmtng the chrt one element t tme.

Now when the chrt s n on screen, t’ll pper one element t tme s you clck, wth brs or peces of pe rrvng one fter the other, s f ech were ts own slde.

. Don’t copy nd pste; duplcte nsted. You cn ht Ctrl+C to copy nd Ctrl+V to pste constntly f you hve to reuse n element on slde over nd over. However, usng Duplcton s much qucker nd eser.

Edtor’s note: You my need to move the copes nto plce mnully.

6. Quckly blnk the screen. Sometmes, you my wnt the mge on the screen to dspper so tht the udence s focused solely on you, the presenter.

7. Turn the ponter off. Durng presentton, t cn be very nnoyng to hve the ponter come on the screen whle the presenter s spekng. t cuses movement on the screen nd drws the udence ttenton from the presenter to the screen.

8. Quckly jump to ny slde.

9. Drw on the screen durng presentton. t cn be vluble to be ble to drw on the screen durng your presentton to llustrte prtculr pont or tem.

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