9 SEO Blogging Tactics to Maximize Your Online Visibility

Written by promotiondept

December 3, 2018

9 SEO Blogging Tactics to Maximize Your Online Visibility Articles Creating a blog for a business is part of an overall content marketing strategy that simultaneously builds credibility, increases exposure and traffic, and increases conversion rates. But for your efforts to pay off, your blog content has to reach your intended audience. Here are some […]

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9 SEO Blogging Tactics to Maximize Your Online Visibility


Creating a blog for a
business is part of an overall content marketing strategy that simultaneously
builds credibility, increases exposure and traffic, and increases conversion
rates. But for your efforts to pay off, your blog content has to reach your intended
audience. Here are some proven ways to get most out of each blog post and
fully enjoy benefits of blogging. 


Use Plugins

If you’re
using WordPress platform, first thing to do is install a plugin like
All In One SEO Pack or SEO Yoast. Both are free and highly effective ways to give your
content an SEO boost. se two plugins differ in ir specific features, but
employ same general concept. ally, y streamline on-site SEO
process by generating automatic META tags, optimizing titles for each post,
optimizing SEO descriptions, and more.

Both are
user-friendly and relatively easy to learn. By spending a few extra minutes to
fill out fields on se plugins, you can give your content a significant
edge over or bloggers who don’t utilize m. This can often mean
difference between appearing on first page of search results vs. elsewhere.

recommend using Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool for keyword research. By entering
a broad word or phrase, you will have access to a list of potential keyword
ideas. Browsing through list should offer plenty of ideas for blog post
titles to choose from. se can be taken as-is or a few additional words can
be added if necessary.

Use Your Keywords Wisely

choosing right keywords, it’s time to put m into action by strategically
inserting m throughout your content. In past, keyword stuffing was a
common phenomenon where search engines could be manipulated by placing an abundance
of same keyword throughout body of a blog post.

Thanks to
algorithm like Google Panda, Penguin and Penguin 2.0, things have
changed dramatically. Now, keyword stuffing is an outdated black hat SEO
tactic, which Google easily identifies and penalizes.

Here are
some best practices when inserting keywords:

Speed Up

Site speed
is a growing factor in ranking algorithm. Cloud hosting solutions are
gaining popularity as Google continues to give more emphasis to site load
times. I even saw a study that concluded that as much as 40% of users will bail
if a website takes longer than 4 seconds to load.

has a great speed test tool that
can tell you how long your site’s load time is. If it’s above 4 seconds, I
recommend looking into a new hosting provider or mng or changes to
optimize your speed. Dotcom-tools.com has a fantastic tool as well, which allows you to test speed from 20+ locations around world.

Understand Your Optimal Article Length 

blogging, re can be a major disparity in terms of length of each piece
of content. Some bloggers keep it relatively brief with 400 words or less and
some go all out with 2,000 words or more. While it’s debatable what ideal
post length is, a study by
ViperChill.com showed that choosing optimal word count depends upon
industry. was based around top five blogs in each niche and
breaks down as follows:

This goes
to show that choosing an “ideal” article length will greatly depend upon
industry you’re in. Unless you’re in gadgets or gossip niches, it’s usually
best to keep posts at a minimum of 250 words. Orwise, it’s easy to get
passed up by search engines for longer content.

general, it’s been shown that longer
content tends to rank better
in search engines. Why? It could be that
Google regards longer content as being more in-depth or thorough, and thus higher

variety is spice of life, and also of search engines. If all your
posts are always around same word count, that doesn’t look very natural.
Instead, try to mix it up.

Include Images

providing readers with some eye candy, inserting an image or two within a blog
post has some SEO benefits. In order to take advantage of se benefits, include
keywords in file name and incorporate ALT tags into HTML code. This
can be done by including 
alt=”keyword or phrase” within code. Try to keep keyword or phrase as brief as possible and highly relevant so search engines can easily pick up on

Strategically Interlink Your Articles

By inserting links in one blog post to anor relevant blog post, you accomplish two things. First, it makes it easier for visitors to furr explore your blog with more convenience. Second, it gives credit to or blog posts, helping ir rankings in search engines. This should ultimately help your entire blog rank more highly in search engine results.

In same vein, it’s smart to include additional links in sidebar by installing a “categories” and “recent posts” widget. This allows visitors to quickly find or blogs posts that y might be interested in without extensive exploration. Anor idea is to install Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPress blogs. This will automatically display similar posts at end of each blog post.

Post Frequently


single most common
mistake that most bloggers make is updating ir blog too seldom. Not only can
this minimize number of readers that follow your blog, it can hurt your
rankings in search engines as well. According to Darren Rowse of
 Problogger, “ more you update your blog more often Search Engines will
send ir crawlers to your site to index This will mean your new articles
could appear in index within days or even hours rar than weeks.”


Consequently, it’s
important to maintain a fresh stream of content and avoid going long periods
without a new post. At same time, you shouldn’t go overboard and barrage
your audience with a never ending stream of posts eir. A good balance of
somewhere between two to five posts per week for most niches should be

Active in Social Media

Finally, reposting content on any social networking
sites you’re a part of can be advantageous from an SEO standpoint. It only
takes a minute to do this, but immediately increases your blog’s visibility
because each post will pop up in all of your followers’ streams. Additionally,
it generates social signals, which have
been shown
to improve search engine rankings.

This is a simple way to drive more traffic to your
blog with only a few clicks. If anyone shares a post with ors, this means
even more traffic with no additional work. While social shares don’t typically
ry same weight as traditional backlinks, a significant quantity has been
known to improve rankings.

AudienceBloomLinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter.

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