8 Ideas for Getting Things Done the Right Way

Last Uated: Aug 1, 2013
Are you busy all day but never seem to get ahead? Solve the problem by usng these tme manment tps to focus your and be more successful.

Right way wrong way roadsignWe all want more success and the fear of falure n often be the drvng force of our actons.  We hours, sacrfce al tme, and even sleep.  We put our heart and soul nto what we’re tryng to acheve, only to fnd that we’re spnnng our wheels.  We thnk we’re gettng thngs done, beuse at the end of the day all of our Acton Lst tems are crossed out; but dd we really get closer to achevng our goals?  The fact s, most of us accomplsh a whole lst of thngs by the end of the day, but have lttle to show for t.  Your success depends on what you are dong and the way you are gettng thngs done.  f you’re not movng closer to your goal achevement, you are not gettng thngs done the rght way.

The good news s, gettng thngs done the rght way requres only a smple shft n your actons.  There are only two ways of gettng thngs done; one way leads to your success, whle the other keeps you n the same poston you’re n rght now.  There s no n between.  Gettng thngs done rght comes down to takng actons that support your forward progress and success.  f you feel lke you’ve been spnnng your wheels, you probably have been.  You mght be gettng thngs done, but your actons have been sabotang your success.  You end up ng twce as hard, only to stay n the same place.

Gettng thngs done the rght way, n take you from spnnng your wheels to; creng more tme, expendng less effort, reducng frustron and movng you closer to your goals wth every sngle acton.  Ths s possble beuse success reles on one prncple: success takes successful actons.

1. Organze Your Tme for Optmal Performance

Success takes successful tme manment.  Whether you’re a corporate executve or an entrepreneur, you must optmze your performance.  The unverse wll only delver what you n handle, so f you want more, you have to do more wthout addng more hours to your day.

Ascertan what you need to Do, Delegate, and Delay.  Snce you n’t manfest any more hours n a day, focus on your hghest pay-off actvtes.  n other words, do just those thngs that wll lead to the hghest probablty of achevng your goals n the quckest tmeframe possble. Put these thngs n prorty order and then n your lendar.

You wll quckly realze you don’t have tme for anythng that doesn’t get your closer to achevng your goals.

2. Take Acton wth the End Result n Mnd

Mantanng a constant focus on your goal wll help you acheve t faster.  Remember, gettng thngs done rght means takng actons that are n support of your goals.  As an example, watchng TV for 5 hours s not an acton n support of your success.  You may have to learn to do the thngs you don’t necessarly want to do, but you do them beuse they wll get you to where you want to be.

Keep a ng lst of actons you need to do today, and place them n prortzed order.  Check them off the lst one at a tme as you complete.

Ths leads you to focus on your hghest payoff actvtes, not the ones that are the easest.

3. Act wth 100% ntegrty

t’s not always easy to always to do what you say and say what you do.

But there s no way around t; actng wth anythng other than 100% ntegrty wll sabot your success.  The truth sn’t always easy, but t s the truth!

4. Act wth the Best nterest of all nvolved

Achevng your goals does not mean you step on people to get there; n fact t’s qute the opposte.  Ths prncple follows the unversal law of recprocty; what you put out comes to you.  Gettng thngs done rght, means you keep the best nterest of all nvolved at all tmes, so the recprol comes to you.  Every acton you take has an outward effect, and term, sustanable success s only possble actng by ths unversal law.  Napoleon Hll explores the power of ths law great depth n hs book, Thnk and Grow Rch.

5. Thnk “Outsde the Box”

What got you to where you are today typlly sn’t what wll take you to where you want to be.  Get creve and branstorm deas and possbltes.  Ask frends and busness assocates for feed.  Ask them what mprovements you n make to mprove your servce and relonshp wth your clents.  Study someone you admre.  f you know someone who s successful and want to know how they dd – ask them!  Thnk outsde the box of where you are rght now and learn how you n mprove yourself to encour your success.

6. Remove Negve Emotons

Takng acton based on feelngs of fear, anger, or jealousy wll get you no where and n even lead to goal regresson.  Negve emotons sabot your success – perod.  Remove them from your thoughts and actons, and you wll be gettng thngs done the rght way.  Pay attenton to what you say to yourself.  Sometmes we don’t realze we’re feedng our mnds wth negve thnkng untl you conscously pay attenton.  Ask a frend, peer, or sgnfnt other to share what they hear you say or do.  Havng an ocsonal 5-mnute pty party s acceptable – but then you’ve got to get over t and move on.

7. Wrte an Acton Plan

You don’t have to know exactly what to do, some of t you wll have to fgure out a the way, but you must have a general plan of acton.  Say you want to completely elmnate your $10,000 debt.  Wrte an acton plan detalng exactly how much money you wll commt to payng every month, or week, toward reducng your debt.  Create a detaled spreadsheet for every month, untl your balance s zero.  Wrte down the Day, Month, Year and even a tme your debt wll be elmnated.

8. Wrte Monthly Self-Evaluons and Look for Areas of mprovement

Ask yourself the followng questons:

What wll need to do to change ths?

f you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questons, explore why and how you n mprove future actons and desred end results.

Acton s good, but t’s the way you take acton that makes all the dfference.  Acton taken produces results, good and bad.  Successful acton produces postve results and brngs you closer to your goals – that’s gettng thngs done n the rght way.  Optmze your performance, act wth ntegrty, keep the hgher-good of all nvolved and every acton you take wll get you closer to your success.  Results do Rule!

Success comes to those who become success conscous.
NAPOLEON HLL, of the best-sellng classc, Thnk and Grow Rch