7 World-Class Choices You Need to Make That Will Get You World-Class Success

7 World-Class Choices You Need to Make That Will Get You World-Class Success

In the words of Srinivas Rao, host of The Unmistakable Creative podcast:

“Success” doesn’t just mean what the larger mob of society says it means: “lots of money, fame, and fortune.” Many people with fame, fortune, and money have terribly empty, imbalanced lives.

Your success isn’t defined by what other people say.

No one can define your success but you. If you continue to let others tell you what success is, you’ll never reach it. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be a true success, because it’s not what you really valued.

No, living an extraordinary life means defining your own version of what success is. You can begin to spend your time on what really matters to you.

Do you really want 1,000,000 Twitter followers?

Do you really need to be in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list?

Do you really want to be a New York Times Bestselling Author?

Or is your version of success more nuanced, more narrowed, more focused, more specific?

If you want to live an extraordinary life, your definition of success must be your own. If we are always chasing what other people tell us to, we’ll never experience true success.

Let go of other people’s versions of success. Define your own success, and achieve it.

That is true success.

If you live your life to please others, you’ll never experience world-class success.

That’s because world-class success requires you to be unique and extraordinary. World-class success almost always comes out of following a “crazy idea” to fruition. One day it’s crazy, and the next day, it’s a breakthrough.

You’ll never get to your breakthrough if you focus on the approval of others.

Wrote author Todd Henry:

The closer you get to your goals, the more criticism you attract. Your ascent often highlights others’ descent. If you’re seeking approval, you’ll get nowhere — just stuck in other people’s changing opinions.

World-class performers went against the grain.

Stop seeking approval from others.

Focus on being as authentic as possible instead.

In the words of Chris Herd, founder of Nexves:

If you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get what everyone else has.

If you want big change, you need to make big changes.

It’s lonely at the top of the mountain. Those few who have reached world-class success have gone against the grain time and time again. They’ve ruffled feathered, flipped the status quo, and bothered more people than they can remember.

World-class success requires world-class choices. One of the most difficult of these choices is to be a black sheep:

Henry Ford, creator of one of the first automobiles, once said:

When you choose the path of the black sheep, you invariably draw ire and criticism from the rest of the herd.

But you also place yourself in a position to do what no one else has ever done, or ever accomplished.

As Douglas MacArthur once said:

Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to achieving world-class success.

To become world-class, you need to develop mastery over several complex areas. This will take time. Even the most disciplined individuals struggle with consistency. It won’t be easy.

But if you choose to fully commit, to keep going no matter what

You can accomplish nearly any goal.

The truth is, consistency beat talent.

Consistency beats luck.

Consistency beats good intentions.

Frankly, consistency even beats quality. The consistent performer will, over time, outperform her more talented yet inconsistent counterpart.

World-class success requires extreme commitment. In the words of John Assaraf:

Do you want world-class success?

If so, ask yourself:

Am I committed?

Or merely interested?

Commit to consistency, and world-class success will follow.

Entertainment and distraction are the enemies of true learning and growth. They will prevent you from being extraordinary.

Renowned motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said the most successful people in the world are always lifelong learners. As the old saying goes, “leaders are readers.” World-class individuals fully understand that their level of education directly determines their quality of life.

Formal education makes a living, but self-education makes a fortune,” Rohn explained.

It’s not just about a college degree. Frankly, most of what you learn in college isn’t applicable to real-world success. It’s your self-education, the kind of learning that helps you develop into the next evolution of yourself.

Sadly, many people will continue to go through life “in quiet desperation, with their songs left unsung.” They let others dictate their income, their happiness, and their fulfillment.

If you want world-class success, you must choose self-education over entertainment. It’s a choice too few make — then again, there are very few world-class individuals.

You are your greatest asset.

The world’s most successful individuals invest heavily into themselves.

This is the reason why athletes like LeBron James reportedly spend $1.5 million dollars a year investing in his health and body. It seems the more successful an individual, the more they invest in themselves.

Self-investment begets success, which begets more means (money and influence) to reinvest.

If you want world-class success, you’ll need many tools, abilities, and competencies — most of which you might not have yet. This mastery costs money and time.

Ordinary people often spend their money and time on “liabilities” — purchases that can’t earn you more income.

Extraordinary, world-class individuals constantly spend their time and money on “assets” — purchases that earn you substantial income over time.

If you want to be middle-class and average, spend your life buying liabilities.

But if you want to be rich and successful, spend your life buying assets.

The ultimate measure of success isn’t money;

It’s freedom.

World-class individuals are constantly working towards a life where they can:

The more freedom you create — time-freedom, energy-freedom, schedule-freedom — the more you’ll be able to evolve into a world-class individual.

Most people, when given the choice, choose “security” over freedom: a safe job, a safe financial plan, a safe life.

This isn’t bad — many people are content with living an ordinary life, without much risk. But what most of these individuals don’t recognize is that this “security” is really a lie.

In fact, when you choose security over freedom, you’re actually living a very risky life. You’re putting your safety in the hands of your employer (who says they won’t fire you?), the economy (we all know how unstable that it), and other people (who don’t truly care about your security).

World-class individuals choose freedom over security. You can’t have both.

Said Louis Sachar, New York Times best-selling author:

If you want world-class success, you need to make world-class choices.

Choices create action.

Action creates habits and routines.

Habits and routines create your life.

Once you start building your life on the foundation of world-class choices, every area of your life will begin to improve. You’ll move forward towards freedom.

Choose the extraordinary life over the ordinary one.

If you want to become extraordinary and become 10x more effective than you were before, check out my checklist.

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7 World-Class Choices You Need to Make That Will Get You World-Class Success

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