7 Tips to Succeed as a Freelancer

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2015
Freelancng s a great way to be self-employed when you’ve got a skll that or busnesses need. Here are 7 to follow that can make your freelance venture a success.

Once upon a tme freelancng was consdered a last-resort career by those who couldn’t secure permanent employment. However, new research suggests that Amercans are ncreasngly choosng to freelance. Accordng to a study by Freelancers Unon n combnaton wth Elance-oDesk, whch was reported n Harvard Busness Revew, freelancers now consttute 34 percent of U.S. workforce. Of those ndvduals, 14.3 mllon moonlght whle holdng down full-tme jobs. Clearly, freelancng offers workers numerous opportuntes, provded that y take steps to ensure r busness s a success. Here are seven to succeed as a freelancer n today’s market:

1. Focus on Your Webste

se days, t’s almost mpossble to do busness wthout frst buldng an attractve and user-frendly webste. Not only does your webste serve as publc face of your freelance busness, but t also helps ensure clents can get n touch wth you and request your s. For best results, nvest money nto makng sure your webste looks professonal on both desktop and moble platfs. Addtonally, you should strve to buld out your ste wth educatonal artcles and vdeos. goal s to establsh yourself as an expert n your feld of choce.

2. Seek Multple ncome Sources

t’s a fact of lfe that freelance work ebbs and flows. f you want to mantan a relatvely steady ncome, t’s mportant to dversfy your clent base. By takng on multple clents of dfferent szes, you can protect your pocketbook n event that one revenue source dres up. Addtonally, explorng dfferent customer bases can help you gan expertse n new and potentally lucratve areas of ndustry. Ths s crucal f you hope to grow your busness n long term.

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3. nvest n Marketng

Whle nternet has made t possble to connect wth clents around world, freelancers stll need to put effort nto marketng r s f y hope to be successful. Before enterng world of self-employment, t’s wse to comple a lst of ways by whch you can reach your target audence. For example, you could attend trade shows and semnars, utlze pay-per-clck ads, or take steps to mprove your ste’s search engne optmzaton. Addtonally, many freelancers are turnng to socal meda to make contacts and buld rapport wth current and potental clents.

4. Make Frends

One of downsdes of freelancng s that you don’t have offce frends wth whom you can st and commserate on a daly bass. To make up for ths shortfall, self-employed persons should strve to make frends wth ors n r ndustres. f you don’t know or freelancers n your area, you can jon a group onlne. Not only can or freelancers recommend great tools of trade, but y mght even be to send some work your way durng a lean month.

5. Ease Admnstratve Burden

Freelancers tend to charge more per hour than r tradtonally employed counterparts. However, that hgher hourly rate must make up for fact that much of a self-employed person’s day s consdered unbll. After all, you typcally can’t charge clents for tme you spend on admnstratve tasks lke schedulng meetngs, answerng emals, and creatng and flng nvoces. To stay proft, freelancers need to ncrease prce of pad work to account for ths lost tme.

Smlarly, freelancers should take steps to mnmze amount of tme spent on non-payng jobs. Accountng tools lke FreshBooks offer easy-to-use nvocng, tme and expense trackng features so self-employed persons don’t get bogged down n admnstratve detals. Addtonally, freelancers should consder savng all r admn work for one day rar than perfng t n chunks throughout week.

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6. Save for nsurance

Afford Care Act compelled health nsurance gants to accept all , but t ddn’t necessarly make healthcare more afford to es. Accordng to a recent article, average monthly premum wll furr rse 7.5 percent for benchmark slver nsurance plan n 2016. To stay both healthy and proft, freelancers need to take steps to save for r nsurance and out-of-pocket medcal costs throughout year.

Whle some freelancers can get away wth ng only medcal nsurance, older ndvduals and those wth more serous health problems mght want to consder short-term dsablty, vson, and dental care nsurance as well. For best results, create a savngs account for health nsurance and nvest enough that you wll be covered durng months when work s scarce.

7. Set Lmts

Whle t’s mportant that freelancers work hard to buld r busnesses, t’s a mstake to let clents walk all over you. When your home s also your offce, you mght be tempted to take phone calls and answer emals at all hours of day and nght. However, beng ths aval to your clents lkely means you’re less aval to famly and frends. By settng frm hours for work and play, you can ensure that you start every day refreshed and ready to do your job.  

Freelancng mght mean skppng commute and workng n your yoga pants. However, self-employed persons have to work hard to stay proft. By followng above , you can gve your freelance busness best shot at success n comng years. 

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