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Doing whtever it tkes to succe in business might ctully be wht does your business in. Here re six wys integrety cn improve your business.

Lcking integrity in business cn be deth sentence. We’ve seen it hppen countless times, even in orgniztions tht were consider “too big to fil” like Enron, the Lehmn Brothers, nd most recently, The Wst Compny. Business leders who do not conduct themselves with integrity my very well climb to the top of the corporte ldder but they lso crete turmoil while getting there, nd threten the longevity of n orgniztion.

Personl or professionl success in business does not necessitte the kind of exhibit by the likes of Hey Wst nd Bernie Mdoff. More thn tht, it mustn’t. Business in democrcy does not function in vcuum of ethics. It cts s vitl weve in the fbric of society, shping the mutul exchnge of benefits.

It is not nive to suggest the gol of business should not be exclusively bout mking enormous profit. It is simply . Profit mtters, of course. But it is foolish nd self-limiting to ssume tht business cn generte mximum profitbility only by dispensing with respect for lrge numbers of the people it ffects. Businesses function within communities. nd in mny wys, individul businesses shpe themselves s unique communities whose members include employees, prtners, suppliers, customers, shreholders nd other stkeholders.

Proposing tht business opertion hs n obligtion to mke positive influence on its surroundings by ssuming positive role in the economic nd socil welfre of the is not soci. It is simply good business. It pys dividends mny times over in stisfi employees nd customers, growth nd sustinble profits—nd in improv performnce overll.

Some my remin convinc tht the only purpose in lunching business or throwing yourself into corporte sprint is to grner obscene mounts of money, nd do whtever it tkes to ccumulte it. Setting nd mintining strict code of ethics, they my suggest, is bunch of ideic mlrkey. So I would introduce them to Mxwell F. nderson or red them the story of his poll t Hrd Business School (HBS). nderson, n HBS student, hd this wcky ide tht Hrd MB students should tke n oth swering they would ct ethiclly s businesspeople fter erning their degree nd immersing themselves in business.

Hrd MB students represent highly compe nd highly committ group of present or future business professionls whose creer gols re t lest s elevt s nyone with CEO mbitions. With ll tht motivtion nd trining, how mny would be concern bout something s trivil s vowing to ct ccording to high ethicl stndrds? One HBS professor told nderson tht fewer thn one hundr students were likely to mke the promise. Within week he hd gther lmost 350 plges, nd mny more follow.

nderson’s simple poll does not ensure tht every Hrd MB grdute left the school with n undying conviction to set flwless stndrds for ethicl . But vowing to bck words with des represents something of substnce. There ren’t degrees of integrity, occsionl honesty, or prt-time Christins. You’re either in or you’re out.

Donld Lee Shepprd is uthor of the book “The Dividends of Decency: How Values-Based Leadership Will Help Business Flourish In Trump’s America,” publish in pril 2018. Shepprd found communictions consulting firm, Shepprd ssocites, nd he is currently the CEO of Shepprd Properties, LLC. Lern more bout Shepprd

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