Last Updated: Feb 9, 2015
Shark Tank isn’t just entertainment – there are business lessons you can learn from it too. Even if you aren’t seeking investors, these six lessons are worth studying.

Shark Tank is a reality TV show that airs on ABC once a week. Contestants are entrepreneurs seeking funding for their ideas and to help them grow their businesses to next milestone. sharks are multi-millionaire and multi-billionaire angel investors who have made their marks and achieved their own brand celebrity. They include:

Even if you are not looking for venture capital, you can learn important business principles from the sharks and from watching contestants on Shark Tank. Here are 6 takeaway lessons any business owner can gain from the show.


Always Think Like a Shark

In the of business, it can be eat or be eaten. You may not be a predator, but if you don’t think like one, you’ll become the next predator’s meal. If you think like a shark, you’ll avoid these six mistakes and survive to conduct business another day. Small or large, your business deserves good judgment. No matter what sector you do business in, you’ll survive much longer if you sharpen your teeth (and your wits).

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