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Creating content to attra customers is expensive and time consuming – but it works. Here are five different ways you can and reuse the content you already have to get the biggest g for your buck.

Content marketing might be a crucial part of your advertising endeavors in our digital age, but that doesn’t mean it’s inexpensive. On the contrary, a 2015 article revealed that organizations with fewer than ,000 employees shell out $335,200, on average, for content marketing. Moreover, companies with more than ,000 workers regularly spend $,057,300.

In light of these figures, it’s no surprise that so many companies are looking for ways to their existing content. Not only does reusing articles and s save you money on content creation, but it also gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences for your produs and services. After all, you can reformat your content to suit the needs and desires of different groups of people. Turn a blog into a visual and draw new eyes to your business.

Here are some of the best ways to your old content and extend its reach.

If the blog seion of your website is packed with interesting content, you might want to consider repurposing some of it into an e-newsletter or email marketing message. Consider updating older s with fresh statistics and eye-catching images before re-sending them to existing customers. If you’re crafting a newsletter, you should also add a few new features, like client testimonials, fun fas, and even quotes from celebs or public figures that relate to your produs.

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If you want to increase the size of your mailing list, consider offering customers something valuable, like a informative e-book. Fortunately, you can reuse some of your old blogs rather than writing the book entirely from scratch. Start by colleing a group of blogs on similar subjes. For example, a local accountant might want to choose an assortment of blogs about maximizing tax deduions. Be sure to take the time needed to organize your blogs and create a logical struure and flow. You should also add an introduion and conclusion to give your blogs the feel of an aual book. Finally, you should consider adding worksheets or other materials. For best , offer your e-book as a giveaway for loyal customers or those who sign up for your newsletter.

The internet means that online customers are bombarded with information overload. If you want your content to stand out from the noise, consider turning some of your old web articles into arresting infographics. Ideal for visual learners, infographics present fas, numbers, lists, and statistics in a way that’s intriguing and easy to absorb. While many blogs could make strong infographics, experts recommend using this medium to tell a story, ex a complex process, or compare different produs or services.

If you lack solid design skills, consider hiring a professional to craft an attraive infographic for your site. Be sure to create a basic sketch of the finished produ, so the designer knows what you’re going for. Once the infographic is ready, share it on your website as well as your channels, newsletter, and other outlets to get the most for your money.

ing your old blogs on other websites is a great way to old content while boosting your site’s SEO ranking. Start by seleing some of your best blogs. You might want to consider engagement rates or even ask a trusted friend or colleague what content is strongest. Then, look for channels where you can re your work. LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, and Reddit are all platforms that allow users to share content and reach new customer bases. For best , promotional pieces that could be perceived as “salesy” and are more likely to alienate readers than intrigue them.

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If you’re only ing about produ offerings and special sales, your presence is probably rather lackluster. Instead, give your Facebook and Twitter pages an upgrade by reusing some of your old content. Fas from whitepapers, brochures, produ sheets, and blogs all make for good content. Additionally, they can help send traffic back to your website.

As a business owner, you probably already know that it’s important to include a mix of informative and promotional content on your pages. However, you might not realize that visuals are exceptionally important in this medium, as well. In fa, a recent study revealed that Instagram records 58 times more social engagement than Facebook and 20 times more than Twitter. If you want your social followers to be truly “social,” make sure your s include piures.

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Repurposing content might feel like an easy way out of creating new material. However, the truth is that top marketers regularly use this taic to get more sets of eyes on their goods. In fa, 29 percent of marketers reuse content on a regular basis. So, join the pack and start thinking of ways to recycle your old content and make it shine.


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