5 Tips for Choosing the Best Web Host for Your Small Business

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September 18, 2018

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018Don’t know where to turn for a web host for your business website? There are many things to consider when choosing a web host, but you don’t have to be intimidated. Here’s what you need to know to choose the one that’s right for your business. What do you know about […]

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Lst Updted: Mr 29, 2018
Don’t know where to turn for web host for your business website? There re y things to consider when choosing web host, but you don’t hve to be intimidted. Here’s wht you need to know to choose the one tht’s right for your business.

Wht do you know bout web hosting? If you’re the norml non-tech-compny smll business owner, probbly not much. nd you shouldn’t. Your job is to run your business—not be n expert in how web servers work.

But t some point, the decision will be in front of you. You will decide where your website will live—nd it’s bigger decision thn you think.

The Bsics

Let’s brek it down into the simplest terms. You live in some sort of home—n ctul house, n prtm, condo, or mybe one of those new trendy tiny houses. Your life would likely be very difficult without home. Sme with businesses. Cn you imgine grocery store without physicl loction? Tht would be chos!

Your website works the sme wy. To work, it hs to be housed somewhere. web host plces your site on their web servers. Without web server, your site wouldn’t mke it to the internet. It would go no further thn your computer.

Unless you own your own server, (you probbly wouldn’t be reding this rticle if you did) you hve to r spce on some’s else’s servers. But how do you know who to use nd wht you need?

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1. Don’t Use Your Web Person

Sorry if we mke ny web designers md but putting your site on some’s privte server is usully bd ide. Wht if you lter hve to fire your web person? Think of how wkwrd it will be to fire them nd then sk them to be prt of moving your site to nother host?

Or even worse, wht if they’re md nd try to chrge you nd outlndish fee to move the site? You LWYS wnt your website on neutrl ground. You should retin totl control of your web host. If you hve to fire the person, you simply remove their ccess to the host.

2. Use Big Compny

Smll business owners understnd the difficulty of business but web hosting is best kept with lrge compnies. Lrge compnies offer 24/7 tech support, gurd ginst cyberttcks, purchse the ne technology, nd generlly offer the most relible t the best cost.

Smller compnies will be more friendly to tlk to on the phone or through cht but they don’t hve the resources to offer the technology s of lrger web hosting compnies.

3. Use ged Server

Don’t let the term intimidte you. Think of it like this: If you know very little bout something, do you wnt some who knows more thn you s your ger? Of course you do. Tht’s wht ged server is— server with n utomted nd hu gem tem keeping it running for you. gem s might include utomtic bckups, virus scnning, softwre , server helth monitoring, nd more.

With n unged server, the only gem you get is gurntee tht the server will work. You even hve to instll ll of your own server softwre in most cses. Do you know how to instll things like pche, Ubuntu, MySQL, nd other super techie things like tht? If not, you wnt ged server.

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Who would use n unged server? ny who hs some on stff or hired s contrctor to ge the ire web presence including the server. Unged servers re often better-performing servers t frction of the cost—sometimes 1/ the cost of ged server. If you hve some you’re lredy pying monthly, they might recommend n unged server.

4. Know Your Choices

When signing up for ged web hosting, there re 3 bsic types: shred hosting, VPS hosting, nd dedicted hosting.

Think of shred hosting like n prtm complex. whole lot of shre the sme building. In this cse, your website runs on server with bunch of other ’s websites. You might only py couple dollrs per month for shred hosting but it cn sometimes run slower thn you would like. If you hve super-simple site tht doesn’t hve ny high-end progrmming running long with it, shred hosting is probbly fine for you.

VPS, or virtul privte serving hosting, gives you control over how the server is configured. You hve your own spce but you’re still shring the server with other lthough fr less thn with shred hosting. It’s often fster but lso more expensive. Pln to py between $2 nd $0 per month.

Dedicted servers re like living in home. It’s ll yours. No else shres it. Tht comes with lot of dvntges but it’s more expensive. Pln to py $80 per month on up. nd you’ll need your own tech person ging the server for you.

Unged hosting doesn’t come with ll of these options. If you’re considering ged hosting, tlk to your tech person.

s generl rule, very smll businesses re fine with shred hosting. If you run n e- site or hve more dvnced needs, move to VPS hosting. When you need dedicted hosting, your hired tem of tech will let you know. You my never need dedicted hosting.

. Consider ged WordPress Hosting

If you’re the do-it-yourself kind of person, you might hve considered building your own website. This is irely possible with wix, Squrespce, nd some other builders. If you wnt to be slightly more techie, you might hve looked t WordPress, the most populr website softwre in the world. Becuse of its populrity, some webhosts now offered ged WordPress hosting plns.

These plns completely ge WordPress for you including softwre , dily bckups, security, nd speed. Speed is of prticulr importnce becuse WordPress sites tend to run slowly without some tweks from tech person.

The downside to ged WordPress hosting is tht it’s going to cost round $30 per month but site speed is become n incresingly importnt considertion so the cost could be worth it.

Your web designer might recommend it if they ren’t hired to mintin the site.

Overll, it’s more expensive but if you rely on your website s n importnt prt of your business, it’s probbly worth the cost.

Bottom Line

Like nything, don’t overbuy. It will be long time, if ever, before you need dedicted server but VPS hosting comes with dvntges tht mke it worth the cost. Shred hosting is fine for beginners but you definitely get wht you py for.

Finlly, remember to keep ll of your digitl ssets under your control. Nothing should live on your web designer’s servers other thn something they’re developing tht you hven’t pid for. You wouldn’t let some store your business’s money t their home. Your digitl ssets hold lot of vlue s well.

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