5 Stages of Prepping

5 Stages of Prepping

Survival tips to thrive and stay safe in a world that often isn’t. Survival, self-reliance, prepping, self-defense, and more.

The idea of prepping is far from mainstream today despite plenty of evidence showing the importance of self-reliance. The average person believes it’s paranoid to prepare for the worst, yet they spend thousands of dollars each year on life, health, vehicle, and property insurance. Ironic, huh? They forget that most of our grandparents (depending on your age) grew vegetable gardens, stored food, and knew how to live off the land, and that’s exactly what got them through the great depression. They… Read More »

Many people in the survival/prepping community believe that bugging out is the answer to every emergency. It’s no surprise considering the number of books on bug out bags available today. It’s almost always best to stay put, where you likely have shelter and plenty of food, resources, tools, etc. There are times when bugging out is the ideal appropriate solution, but it’s far less often than most people realize. Deciding whether to bug out or hunker down is a simple… Read More »

There’s a lot of talk within the prepper community about OPSEC and how it’s critical to your survival. I think this is largely a matter of semantics. Some believe that OPSEC means keeping all aspects of your prepper lifestyle a secret. I disagree; in fact, I believe we should all make a focused effort to educate more people about the lifestyle. OPSEC does have its place though; for example I don’t think it’s wise to tell someone where your food… Read More »

Prepping is a lot like investing. Both depend on a series of small consistent steps over time rather than one big event. You can’t successfully prepare for a disaster or hard times by just buying 10 years worth of food and water, a back-up power supply, weapons and ammo, and a library of survival books any more than you can successfully invest in  your retirement by dumping $500,000 into your 401k and hoping for the best. You need the right… Read More »

Nearly everyone in the prepper community talks about the importance of a bug out bag, but few talk about its real role; probably because so few people actually know. A bug out bag is generally a backpack with just enough food, water, and supplies to support one person for 72 hours. This is about the maximum an average person can carry over a reasonable distance. Anyone who thinks this will equip them to disappear indefinitely into the woods is wrong… Read More »

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5 Stages of Prepping

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