5 Marketing Campaigns to Make Your Cash Register Ring

Last Updated: Nov 6, 2017
Looking for ways to increase sales? Here are five different types of marketing campaigns you can run that will bring in customers and generate new sales.

Every small business owner wants to make more sales. But sometimes, coming up with ways to do that seems impossible.

Most small businesses don’t have much of a sales process or a plan to achieve the increased business that they want. 

When you don’t have a way to drive sales proactively, you’re forced to rely on luck. But why hope and pray when it comes to generating sales? Depending on your available time and budget, with a little effort you can use a well-planned marketing campaign to drum up some business.

Nobody wakes up in the morning planning to hand you money. It’s your job to remind customers who you are. 
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Let’s set something straight.

Nobody wakes up in the morning planning to hand you money. It’s your job to remind customers who you are and what you do. In other words, your customers aren’t buying because you aren’t asking them to.

You have to give your customers a reason to spend money with you.

Think for a minute about some of the “reasons” companies give you to spend your hard-earned money. Maybe you have coupon. Perhaps they’re running a sale. Or maybe they sent you a special offer for your birthday. In any case, they reminded you that they were there to sell you something.

You should be doing the same thing for your customers.

As a small business owner, sales cannot be an afterthought. Marketing your business is one of the most important things you have to do. The good news is that you can take proactive steps to control your sales volume.

So, how can you make your cash register ring? You can use these five campaigns to attract new customers, get more out of current customers, and get back lost customers:

If you want your business to succeed (and who doesn’t?), you need a plan to make sure you’re getting the sales you need. These five campaigns are a great alternative to crossing your fingers and hoping customers buy.    

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