5 Best Cities for Urban Hiking

5 Best Cities for Urban Hiking

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Urban hiking started centuries ago as a necessity: If you wanted to go somewhere, you had to walk. “Hiking” wasn’t for fun. Then, as most people used cars or public transportation to get around in the city, they regarded “hiking” as a pleasant activity to be done somewhere else, in a natural area.

But over the last 10 years, more people have been discovering the pleasures of taking a hike in their cities.

Dan Koeppel helped popularize the concept of urban hiking with his article in the June 2004 issue of Backpackermagazine. As Koeppel tells it, one evening when he was rushing to drive 20 miles (32.2 kilometers) out of the city for a hike before darkness fell, he realized he could skip the commute and hike where he was, in Los Angeles. Koeppel was training for mountain climbing, and he chose some of the many city-owned outdoor staircases for his urban hike. (More about that on the next page.)

Since Koeppel’s article, many other magazines and newspapers have featured stories about urban hiking. Cities have promoted parks and greenways as urban hiking sites. Meet-up groups offer urban hikes as social events, and there are local groups dedicated to urban hiking. Established hiking clubs have added more urban hikes to their schedules. Museums include urban hikes in their activities.

In many ways, urban hiking is just hiking, but in a city. There are variations on the theme: Some urban hikes follow sidewalks and streets, taking in architecture, historic sites and other manmade attractions. It’s like sightseeing, only with more walking and attention to lesser-known places. Other hikes get out into nature, in parks and gardens within the city rather than at a distance.

You can set out on your own with maps and maybe a GPS. Or you can contact your local parks and recreation department. Search the Internet for hiking groups, and for information about hikes on sites such as Yelp.com or mapmyrun.com (it works for walks, too).

Many people, like Koeppel, hit the sidewalks and trails as a way to get exercise without paying for a gym. There are other reasons for the growing popularity of urban hiking:

Just about any city has urban hiking possibilities. Washington, D.C., has great hikes along the National Mall or in parks such as Rock Creek. It might surprise you to learn that Las Vegas, Nev., has been featured in both National Geographic and Backpacker magazines as a good hiking city! Keep reading to learn about five others that are among the best.

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Citation & Date | Reprint

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5 Best Cities for Urban Hiking

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