5 Advantages of a Diverse Workplace No One Is Talking About

Written by promotiondept

September 24, 2018

Last Uated: Jun 12, 2018
Having a culturally diverse workplace comes with many advantages, but not all of m are obvious. Here are five benefits of workplace diversity you may not have realized.

It’s easy to focus on more obvious advantages of a diverse workplace: cutting costs, for example, or pride that comes from showsing diversity as one of your organization’s strengths. But re are many not-so-obvious advantages as well, which are rooted in emotional transformation that occurs when individuals participate in diversity initiatives, take part in awareness exercises, and fully embrace diversity and inclusion within ir organization. advantages listed below will only become more important as millennials and Gen-Z increasingly move into leadership positions and look to work for companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion.

Many people experience an unexpected side effect when y embrace chance to become aware of ir unconscious bias: ir interpersonal relationships improve. By engaging in conversations around diversity, we tap into an emotional vulnerability that rries over into familial and romantic relationships as well. Becoming aware of what you don’t know n be an emotionally freeing experience, both at work and at home. One participant reported: “as a husd and far, it allowed me to better ‘listen to understand’ and lean-in to my vulnerability as a means of strength.”

Thanks to embracing diversity initiatives, one CEO says his organization “truly learned how to fully engage each individual,” while anor business leader says a diverse workplace gives m opportunity to “work with ors from different organizations, and get to know colleagues in richer, deeper ways.” Diverse workplaces necessitate profound and sometimes conversations between employees who are given opportunities to be aware of unconscious biases and actively listen to ors. Deep engagement between employees leads to improved job satisfaction and deeper engagement with company.

Creativity and innovation rely on having an open mind and ability to approach an issue from different perspectives. refore, a workplace that encourages diversity – not just of race, gender, and culture – but also of thought, will inevitably foster more innovation.  connection between diversity and innovation has been proven. Rockwell Automation is one organization that understood that in order to continue providing innovative s to meet customer needs, it had to attract, engage, and leverage a wider range of talent, which is it began looking to improve diversity and inclusion effo. As a result, company was able to substantially increase women in leadership roles, and involve male employees in playing a key role in efining culture.

Business leader Grant M. Yoshihara explains: “Diversity is not just based on what someone looks or sounds like, but what someone has experienced. se elements manifest mselves as diversity of thought. [Awareness exercises] opened doors for ongoing conversations that pture richness that diversity of thought offers.”

Having a diverse workplace helps an organization better define its values and overall role in community. Business leaders who have integrated and prioritized diversity within ir organizations find that diversity helps m to “better define and direct organizational values,” and that “having a sound inclusion and diversity foundation has sparked discussions among leaders that are helping shape current and future actionable plans.” Diversity in workplace creates organizations that are adaptable and resilient. With nearly two-thirds of millennials interested in an organization’s corporate social responsibility, having a strong sense of values is becoming increasingly necessary.

A diverse workforce means people n bring ir whole self to work and are refore able to more deeply connect with ors. We often hear leaders say that diversity initiatives make a huge difference in way y approach and engage with ors, and that being part of a diverse workplace means employees are more comfortable meeting and interacting with people from all over world. In today’s global business environment, ability to connect with people from a variety of backs and cultures is a huge advantage.

When an organization embraces diversity and inclusion as an integral part of fabric of company, incible cultural transformations take place. People feel a greater sense of belonging, y feel more valued and respected by ir team, and y are able to perform ir job functions better. A diverse workplace isn’t just good for people; it’s good for business as well, and it is crucial for creating a thriving company culture. 

Jim has 30 years of experience working and leading in purpose-driven consulting organizations. He is Chief Consulting Officer at WMFDP, a consulting firm which provides organizations and business leaders with skills y need to establish inclusive work cultures. re, he directs and suppo a team of consultants and facilitators as y deliver one-of-a-kind world-class services to WMFDP clients around globe.



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