3 Key Project Mngement Techniques to Your First Project

If you wnt to your first project, there re three project mngement techniques you need to perform tht will ensure your project gets off to strong strt.

If you strt your project right, you significntly increse the odds of it being successful.

On the other hnd, if you use these techniques when you strt your project, it my be impossible for
your project to be successful regrdless of nything else you do lter in the project.

More thn nything else, strong strt for your project cn men the difference between success nd filure.

The reson the strt of your project is so criticl is becuse the decisions you mke t this stge impct
everything else tht hppens fterwrds on your project
. Unfortuntely, mny inexperienced project mngers jump
right into their project without much thought bout these key project initition techniques.

The three key project mngement techniques you should perform t the strt of your project re

The first project mngement technique for ing your project is to mke sure your project is
clerly defined.

There re two s you need to tke to define your project.

1 is to understnd WHY your project is needed.

To understnd why your project is needed you need to define the problem your project is solving.

Understnding why your project is needed is THE foundtionl decision for your project. The wy you define
the problem your project is solving will drive the solution your project des.

2 is to specify WHT your project will ccomplish.

This is your project’s mission – the gol or objective your project will chieve.

You formlly define your project’s mission in the Project Mission Sttement. well-defined
Project Mission Sttement is importnt becuse it sets your project’s direction nd scope.

n effective Project Mission Sttement is

Performing these two s will help you clerly define your project. s the Project Mnger, this is one of
the most importnt ks you will need to perform t the beginning of your project.

The second project mngement technique for ing your project is to perform stkeholder

Stkeholdern individul, group, or orgniztion who my ffect, be ffected by, or perceive itself to be ffected by decision, ctivity, or outcome of project

– PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition

Every project hs stkeholders tht cn impct project in positive or negtive wy. Understnding
who your stkeholders re nd proctively mnging them is criticl k you need to perform s
Project Mnger.

The Stkeholder Process hs four s

Creting n effective Stkeholder Strtegy is criticl for the success of your project.  This will be key fctor in whether your project is seen s success or filure.

The third key project mngement technique for ing your project is to define your
Project Success Criteri.

Trditionlly, projects were considered successful if they met the project’s budget, schedule, nd
scope trgets. These trgets re known s the triple constrint.

But these trditionl mesures of success re missing one criticl fctor – stkeholder perception.
t the end of the dy, perception is relity.

You wnt to mke sure the perception your project stkeholders hve of your project is positive.
You do this by finding out wht is importnt to them.

Project Success Criteri re the stndrds which your stkeholders will use to judge whether
your project is successful or not.

Defining Project Success Criteri ND ensuring your key stkeholders gree with them cn exponentilly
increse your project’s likelihood of success.

You cn meet or exceed your schedule, budget nd scope trgets, but if key project stkeholder ws
expecting something else from the project tht wsn’t deed, they won’t consider your project success.

To mke sure key project stkeholders consider your project success, you need to explicitly define
wht success looks like for them by using Project Success Criteri. This provides
shred vision between you nd your project stkeholders of wht the successful outcome of
your project looks like.

By performing these three key project mngement techniques t the beginning of your project
you will be tking the needed ctions for ING your first project!

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