3 Big Networking Mistakes You Should Avoid

Written by promotiondept

September 14, 2018

Last Updated: Aug 9, 2013Attending networking events is a great way to meet potential customers, but how You go about it has changed. In fact, some networking techniques that were popular just a few years ago will get You nowhere at today’s networking functions. Here are three networking mistakes You should avoid. For years we […]

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Lst Updted: ug 9, 2013
ttding networking evts is gret wy to meet pottil customers, but how you go it hs chnged. In fct, some networking techniques tht were populr just few yers go will get you nowhere t tody’s networking functions. Here re three networking mistkes you should void.

For yers we hve be hering widespred “se chnge” in the business world. Certinly technology developmts hve mde some of our former networking moves obsolete. You wouldn’t hnd out 8 trck tpes t Chmber of Commerce reception, for exmple. Likewise, some of our spok messges don’t ttrct new cquintnces s they once did. Worse, they drive people wy. Let’s look t three of those outmoded pproches.


Within few seconds of converstion, you cn tell tht the person who hs just introduced himself is scorekeeper. Here re his initil commts, nd your responses:

“Nice to meet you. Let’s swp business crds. Here’s mine.”

“Well sure, I guess so. I cn tell you get right to the point. Will you request crd from every you meet tonight?”

“Oh, yeh. nd I hope to rech my quot.”


“Yep, wy I look t it there re hundred people here. We’ll be here two hours. I’ve set my quot t fifty crds. Ought to collect t lest tht mny if I don’t linger too long with ny I meet.”

“Th I guess you hve desk full of business crds in your office.”

dditionl Reding

“Right, getting close to thousnd. Mn, my business will strt booming ny dy now.”

Yers go this networking style seemed ssible. The more nmes in your “pipeline,” the more people you could cll, the more ppointmts you could get, nd the more clits you could welcome.

However, networking experts re dvising ginst this strtegy now. They recommd tht we bndon our numericl quests. Rther thn compiling huge list of supposed prospects, become closely cquinted with 20-25 business leders who will lern wht you do, dvise you, refer you, nd ev hire you. Keep these people informed your new ides nd directions. Sd them rticles tht relte to their nd corporte needs. Recommd the best books you hve red ltely. Interview them on video, to spotlight their expertise. nd while you re fostering these vluble reltionships, the scorekeepers will be driving prospects wy with their incessnt desire to “press the flesh” of the msses.

Del Closers

The del closer goes beyond mere nme collecting. She wnts you—nd everyone else she meets t this evt—to sign on the dotted line now. Well, wht reltionship building, cultivtion, nd estblishing credibility? To her, they just wste time. She cme here this eving to get more customers. Here’s her typicl converstion:

“Nice to meet you. You know, it’s getting ner vction time. Hve you ned yours yet?”

“No, we hve be rther busy, nd…c”

“Oh, you’re in luck. Good thing you hv’t signed up for ny plce yet, becuse I’ve got just the plce you nd your fmily will joy. Tke look t this brochure.”

“I pprecite your wnting to . I’ll shre this with my wife. We’ll get bck to you.”

“No sir, tht’s not smrt move. The specil sesonl rtes d in few dys. You hve to mke your flight nd hotel reservtions immeditely. Now, here’s my pnd tht line is where you give us your nme nd credit crd informtion.”

“Sorry, I cn’t do tht now. Excuse me, there’s frid cross the room I need to sy hello to.”

Chnces re strong tht the del closer will fil with every she tlks to tonight. Menwhile, svvy sles professionls ll round her re treting new cquintnces this wy: sking them their products, services, hobbies, fmilies, nd opinions on mjor news stories. They re estblishing rpport, which they will expnd in future converstions over coffee, lunches, nd meetings in conferce rooms.

Dull Describer

The dull describer mens well. He is not s tctless or brupt s the scorekeeper or del closer, he just does not know how to mke his service sound ttrctive or vluble. In other words, his populrly lbeled “elevtor speech” tkes him to the bsemt, not to the top floor.

Wh sked wht he does, he might respond:

“I’m with Ctrl Sttes Dtl Prctice.”

So, wht does tht tell us? In our most negtive thinking, we picture him sticking needles into our gums, drilling on decyed teeth, performing root cnl, or t worst pulling one or more teeth. We might not wnt to tlk with this guy very long.

His description could become less dull this wy:

“I’m n orthodontist.”

Instntly, his imge hs improved. Becuse we re dults, we won’t be sitting in his chir. Childr will do tht. Yet prts re going to be in for big hit on their budget over number of months. So fr, we see little reson to tlk ny further.

There’s good news for the dull describer, though. By ltering his description, he cn overcome the imge of bg merely pinful nd expsive. Here’s how:

“I childr strt smiling like they never wnted to smile before, becuse my tretmt gives them teeth they re proud to show to every.”

You nswer: “Tht’s relly exciting. My youngest dughter needs wht you offer. Cn we rrnge for her to see you next week?”

s you look bck over these three diststeful nd destructive wys to describe yourself t networking evt, mke the chnges you consider necessry. Forget mssing numbers, nd idtify business leders you need to estblish bonds with. Forget sles-on-the-spot, nd prest yourself s ke lister. Reshpe your elevtor speech to clrify how your service befits your clits now nd long rnge. Not only will your networking become noticebly more effective, you will joy the process more thn you ever hve.

Bill Lmpton, Ph.D., Communiction Consultnt, Speech Coch, nd Keynote Speker, “ing Corportions nd Leders Communicte Persusively.” Cll Dr. Lmpton: 678-316-4300 or visit his website: http://www.bizcommunicationguy.com



Happiness is for those who plan well and pursue. A profound among us have been proven those who have true dream to live for likely REALIZED IT. It is just simply the person working toward the DREAM days and night until accomplishment. There is a phrase of efficiency a head of you. Steps and obstacles at first seem tremendous. However, just with some times those difficult steps and challenges are so easy performance for you. There are also plenty of tools including VISUALIZATIONS and helps are around you.



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