15 Part-Time Businesses You Can Start in Your Spare Time

Last Updated: May 15, 018
You don’t have to quit your job to start a business. Many businesses can be started as part-time businesses or side hustles. Here are 15 ideas for making money in part-time businesses that don’t require you to quit your day job. Updated, September 017. 

Starting a business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your day job. Whether you want to make a little extra money in a side hustle, or find a part-time business that you can grow into a bigger, full-time operation, there are any number of business ideas you can pursue your spare time.

Here are 15 part-time business ideas to inspire you.

Sell unwanted or new items via Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other online marketplaces. This type of business can be scaled to your schedule, budget and inventory and is perfect as a side hustle.

Businesses know that they should be participating in social media, but many particularly local small business owners don’t have the staff, know-how or time to post to social media sites they could benefit from. If  you enjoy social media and know how to build a following, handling social media for businesses  would be an excellent sideline business for you to start. For clients, look to the local businesses and restaurants in your area to get this part-time business started.

If you’re efficient, you’re reliable and you love being on the go, this may be the business for you. From grocery shopping and purchasing gifts to dropping off dry cleaning or picking up concert tickets, helping busy people save time will make you an in-demand assistant.

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Animal lovers can profit from their passion by offering a range of pet services. Dog walking, waste cleanup, pet-sitting and transporting pets to appointments are just some of the profitable part-time businesses you can start to cater to the needs of pet owners.

Turn your baking or into a side hustle. Decorating cakes, catering and selling baked goods are just a few ways to make money in your area. It’s to note that you’ll need to learn about city and county food aration regulations if you decide to cater or sell locally. If there are food or drink items that are your own recipes and people ask for repeatedly, you may one day be able to turn part-time food business into a brand everyone craves. Contact your local Small Business Development center for free help planning your business if you want to grow it. They may also be able to direct you to commercial kitchens you can rent to comply with Department of regulations. 

Online article writing and blogging are some of the easiest, most flexible ways to break into professional writing. More may be required for copy writing, technical writing and certain other types of con creation. Gain clients through your own website or by getting in touch with local businesses.

Whether you’re helping young students with difficult academic subjects or enabling adults to master a language or learn a new skill, tutoring can be a profitable part-time business that doesn’t require a huge time investment.

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From weight loss to career development, you can earn a passive income by creating information products on one of an endless number of subjects. Offering expert information via eBook, CD, video or another format can help you earn a passive income on the side while working a full-time job.

Artists and crafts people types have plenty of opportunities to make money doing things they love to do. Get involved with your local arts community, and sell your wares at area art fairs or craft shows. Contact boutiques in upscale areas to see if they’ll sell your creations, Join Etsy or another online arts and crafts marketplace, or set up your own website.

If you’re fast and produce great results, professional cleaning can be a lucrative part-time business to start. Whether you choose residenl or business cleaning services, this is a part-time business that could be grown into a full-time business with employees. 

Personal training is a fit for those who are passionate about physical fitness. Trainers can work part-time while keeping their full-time jobs because most clients want appointments after work or on weekends. You’ll need to invest some time and money in certification.

If you’re a handy man or woman, your skills are in demand. Help homeowners complete their “honey-do” lists by performing household tasks for which they lack the time or knowledge, or are unable or unwilling to physically do themselves.  Find out whether permits are required in your area.

Toxin- and chemical-free products are sought after by “green” consumers. Turn a soap-making hobby into a part-time business, or sell nicely packaged cleaning products online and at local events. Consider offering free samples to friends, family and other willing recipients in exchange for their honest opinions  before selling your products to the public. Check with your local SCORE office of Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to find out if there may be licenses or permits needed or if there are any regulations with which you’ll have to comply. Both SCORE and SBDCs offer free help to small businesses.

Affiliate programs allow you to make money by promoting a company’s products. When customers buy from a business by clicking on an ad or link on your website or blog, you make money. Affiliate programs abound, allowing you to profit from click-through links to small business sites or mega-retailers like Amazon.

Busy professionals often need help with clerical and customer service-related tasks. The great news is that you can make money by supplying virtual assistant services from your own home. From ing emails to organizing contact lists, you can help business people save time and money while earning money in your spare time.

These part-time business ideas and side hustles can help you find the perfect way for you to make money from your skills and interests. Some could even grow into the business of your dreams.

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