14 Things to Ask a Potential Financial Advisor

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2014
Wondering how to choose a financial advisor who will have your interests at heart? Evaluate their answers to these 14 questions before you let anyone manage your investments.

Negotiating is always a “give and take.” That means not just listening to what a financial advisor has to say but also holding up your end of the exchange. Before you sign any agreement, you’ll want to find out what your prospective financial advisor is like as a person. You’ll want to find out about their business and their industry. You’ll also want to think hard about their true interests and whether those align well with your own.

All of this means asking questions, and lots of them. Get the advisor talking. Seek clarification. Show interest in what they have to say and ask them to tell you more. Below I provide a basic list of questions to get you started, along with more intensive questions to explore areas that should heavily influence how (or if) you enter into a professional relationship with a financial advisor.

The Basics

Get Intensive

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