14 Recipes With Chicken Broth You’d Never Think to Make

14 Recipes With Chicken You’d Never Think to Mke

You’d to get more bone in your diet, but you’re just not quite sure how.

Yes, you know you cn sip it stright from the mug, nd you still hve your grndm’s chicken noodle soup recipe stored in the pntry. But you’ve been there, done tht, nd you’re crving something new. Something you’d never even think to mke.

Keep reding for the l wys to get more chicken bone in your diet.

Mny recipe developers nd store-bought brnds use the terms “chicken ,” “chicken stock,” nd “chicken bone ” interchngebly. However, chicken is not chicken bone — homemde chicken stock is ctully closer to bone thn .

Chicken bone must be simmered for 24 hours to extrct the collgen nd other beneficil nutrients. If you’re mking homemde chicken , this recipe uses n Instnt Pot, or pressure cooker, to shorten the process considerbly.

While there is significnt difference between chicken nd chicken bone , the two ingredients cn be used interchngebly in recipes. Therefore, if you see recipe online you’re just dying to mke, but it clls for chicken , simply substitute chicken bone broth.

Let’s get to the recipes.

You cn use bone in slds, strters, nd vege side dishes to complement or kick off mel. Note tht soups re not looped into this ctegory.

Photo nd recipe by: The Paleo Mom

If you’re following the keto diet or other low crb diet, you might be missing your fvorite grins. But just s zucchini cn be mde into pst, prsnips (shockingly) cn be mde into rice. In this risotto recipe, The Pleo Mom “riced” prsnips before combining bone (you cn use beef or chicken) with coconut milk into one cremy dish.

Photo nd recipe by: StreetSmart Kitchen

Quino is extremely verstile due to its rich, nutty flvor. For grin, it’s ctully pcked with prot, squeezing 8 grms of it in ech cup (1). You cn cook quino in wter, but swpping in bone offers n incredible boost in flvor (nd nutrition!). StreetSmrt Kitchen did this in her Easy Quinoa Salad, which would work gret s strter sld, or top with prot to mke it the min event.

14 Recipes With Chicken Broth You’d Never Think to Make - keto brussels sprouts gratin

This low carb side dish is pcked with hevy crem nd mozzrell cheese, mking it tste like n indulgence. Full of helthy fts, it’s sure to plese crowd over the holidys or t ny fmily gthering. nd best of ll? It tkes just 30 minutes to prepre.

Curry, crnits, nd cbbge rolls? Who would hve thought your fvorite dinner recipes could be mde with chicken bone ?

Photo nd recipe by: StreetSmart Kitchen

You knew you could mke chicken pot pie with chicken , but wht bout shepherd’s pie? This Traditional Irish Shepherd’s Pie by StreetSmrt Kitchen is tsty, helthy, nd mety; it pirs well with ground turkey or ground beef.

Photo nd recipe by: Slim Palate

While surely you’ve tried chicken curry time or two, hve you ever tried slmon curry? In this recipe, Slim Plte combines fish suce, fresh nger, spices, chicken bone , nd lmond butter for twist on pnng curry. While it tkes little-to-no prep time nd only 10 minutes to cook, you would swer it ws simmering ll dy.

Photo nd recipe by: Kim’s Cravings

You cn get your dily dose of chicken bone on Tco Tuesdy. This recipe from Kim’s Crvings uses slow cooker to combine boneless, skinless chicken brests in chicken with red onion nd spices. In six to eight hours, your crnits re redy to be topped with gucmole, sls, nd fresh cilntro.

Photo nd recipe by: Unbound Wellness

Trditionl Itlin cbbge rolls re fun to enjoy, but time consuming. In this “unstuffed” version, Unbound Wellness skips ll the unnecessry steps, choosing to prepre her cbbge rolls in one pot. Plus, she points out you cn use either beef bone or chicken bone in this recipe.

We couldn’t mke this list without dding section for soups nd stews. But keep reding, s these recipes re fresh, inventive, nd fr from your grndm’s homemde chicken soup.

Photo nd recipe by: Savory Lotus

Pressed for time? This wholesome, satisfying soup is tbletop redy in totl time of just 30 minutes. Plus, the metblls re gluten free nd diry free, substituting cssv flour (lmond flour will lso work) in lieu of bredcrumbs nd leving cheese out entirely. It’s pcked with mino cids, veges, nd greens, nd is perfect for the whole fmily.

14 Recipes With Chicken Broth You’d Never Think to Make - healthy chicken tortilla soup

If you Mexicn food but ren’t fn of the clories, this Healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup is perfect for you. By combining fresh tortill strips, fire-rosted tomtoes, cilntro, nd shredded chicken, you get ll the flvors you crve in one (helthy) bowl.

Photo nd recipe by: That Paleo Girl

If you don’t think your cooking skills re up to pr, there’s hope: This soup is ridiculously esy to mke. It requires just six ingredients nd blender to prepre. Tht Pleo rl ssures you this recipe is fool-proof, quick soup tht nyone cn mke.

Photo nd recipe by: Pretend It’s a Donut

If you like thicker soup (think bisque or stew) here’s hndy trick from Pretend It’s Donut: To mke your recipe gluten-free, simply sprinkle in rrowroot powder insted of flour. Tht’s exctly wht she does in this Chicken and Mushroom Stew recipe, mking thick, rich stew bse then topping it off with chicken, leeks, onions, nd mushrooms.

Photo nd recipe by: Laurel Street Kitchen

There’s nothing more stisfying thn thick, velvety soup when the leves strt to fll. However, most bisques, chowders, nd other rich soups use hevy crem s bse — but not this one! In this recipe, Lurel Street Kitchen blends chicken bone with coconut milk nd spinch for n extr lyer of creminess.

Photo nd recipe by: Slim Palate

While the nme might sound td intense, this soup is incredibly esy to mke. Josh of Slim Plte combines crrots, onions, chicken bone , coconut milk, nd pork ft for a smooth, dreamy soup. Top with chichrrones (fried pork rinds) nd kle chips for n dded crunch.

Photo nd recipe by: Savory Lotus

Looking for the esily the esiest recipe on this list? Tht would be this one, by Svory Lotus. Simply rost your vegetbles nd puree them with chicken bone nd coconut milk. How esy is tht?

We relly thought we knew every possible wy to sip bone . Then Eln’s Pntry cme out with this incredible (nd very cretive!) list of seven different ways to sip bone . We’re still trying few of these ourselves!

However you choose to consume bone — whether in soup, min dish, sld, or stright from the mug — know tht there is n unlimited number of wys to do so. There’s plenty of recipes on this site nd online. New ones re constntly bg dded, so you’ll never get bored.

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14 Recipes With Chicken You’d Never Think to Mke



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