12 Ways to Get Leads

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September 16, 2018

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Small busness owners who feel stuck when t comes to lead generaton n use these 2 de to fnd new ways to get more cls.

How n get r busness n front of more potal customers?

Sometmes t seems lke ’ve tred everythng and t’s not enough. Sure, ’re dong OK. Yet, would be dong a whole lot better- and feel less stressed – f only knew where to get more customers wthout wtng r tme, effort and money.

But, how n do that?

Even though thnk ’re dong everythng possble to fnd new customers, chances are there are lead generaton strateges aren’t usng or aren’t usng on a st bs. Here are 2 tactcs that work. Put them to work stly n r busness and watch r customer lst and sales grow:

Now that ’re armed wth a few new de, t’s tme to get started.

Grab a pen and paper and spend 5 mnutes wrtng down everythng know about r deal customer. Next, jot down the webstes they vst, the magaznes they read, and the forums and trade shows they vst.

Now ’re ready to try some of the lead-gen tactcs above. Once know what works for r busness ’ll be able to put together a lead generaton system that keeps new customers comng r way.

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Anthony Slls s a drect-response copywrter and cont strategst on a msson to elmnate borng marketng. He’s wrtten copy for eBay, SEMrush, BM, Amern Express, nfusonSoft and many exctng startups. n always reach Anthony via social media or emal.



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