12 Steps To Becoming A Best-Selling Author

Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual, defines a bestseller is an author who has successfully sold 35,000 copies of their book. However, it is also possible, that if your book becomes a Top-20 book in any given week (maybe only 5,000 to 8,000) then you can become a New York Times, Wall Street Journal best-selling author. Either route you take, you will be more successful if you implement these 12 strategies listed below:

1. Keep Your Day Job: You need seed money to allow you to invest in your book and in this process. Your best source of seed money is your own income.

2. Get Your Book Published: This is the most important step in the process. Too many writers give up on the process and never see their book become real.

3. Commit Yourself To Book: The promotion of your book is something that you need to commit to for the rest of your life. If you do this, you will be successful.

4. Set A Sales Volume Goal: Set your to a minimum of 35,000 copies. Remember due to a lack of marketing, 98% of authors will never sell more than 2,000 copies.

5. Give Away Your Books For Free: Give your books away to individuals who are capable of buying in volume, hiring you to speak, coach or consult.

6. Go To Post Office 2,500 Times: Commit to going to the post office every day and shipping out a minimum of 3-5 books per day to prospects.

7. Implement an Amazon Book Campaign: This strategy will allow you to leverage many others database and achieve

8. Selling Books From Platform: Book as many speaking engagements as possible. In doing so you, you will be able successfully sell hundreds every time you speak.

9. Focus on High Volume Sales: Sell books 10,000 at a time, instead of one at a time. In doing so, the same amount of time is required to write invoices.

10. Co-Brand Your Book: Allow CEO’s to do foreword in book only if they are willing to purchase large volumes in advance and pay up front.

11. Sell Out to a Major NY Publisher: Once your book is proven in marketplace, find a good agent and sell out to your rights to a publisher for a large advance.

12. Use Other People’s Money: Printing books is very expensive so make sales in advance and have prospects cover all of your printing costs!

Most importantly, NEVER give up as this process will take you three times longer than you desire, cost your three times more than you budget. However the return will be 30X greater than you can imagine. I challenge you to promote, promote, promote! In doing so, you will SOAR in life and your book will also become a bestseller!

Patrick Snow http://www.BestSellerPublishingCoaching.com (800) 951-7721

PATRICK SNOW is the best selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny, a professional speaker, publishing coach, and entrepreneur. He has been called “The Dean of Destiny” by high achievers worldwide. His book and destiny message has been featured in the The New York Times and also as cover story in USA Today. His book has sold over 125,000 copies worldwide.

Patrick is also the founder of Creating Your Own Destiny University – An adult education program designed to “Help You Achieve Your Destiny Through Business Ownership!”

As a business ownership advocate, Patrick’s mission is to help others overcome their fears by turning their career distress into personal success, through business ownership. He also shares several insights on how small business owners can grow their businesses on a limit budget. Patrick resides on Bainbridge Island, Washington, along with his wife and their two boys.

He can be reached at (206) 780-1787 or http://www.BestSellerPublishingCoaching.com

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